Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chloe Needs to Know These Things

 Oh my dear sweet sweet Chloe! My first born. The light of my life and my purest joy. You are getting ready to start Kindergarten which is super scary for me, yet exciting at the same time. Before you go though, I have some things I want you to know. Some things that may not make sense now, in a few years, or even until you get to college. However, I want you to know them so let's just roll with them now :) And just know that your mom is seriously Type A, but not even I felt like ranking these in order of importance...because they are ALL important.

1. To have good friends, you have to be a good friend.
2. Treat everyone the way that you like to be treated.
3. You are beautiful - and fearfully and wonderfully made!
4. Always try your best at everything you do.
5. God will ALWAYS love you.
6. God is ALWAYS good - even when you don't think He is...HE IS!
7. You can never do anything to make me love you more.
8. You can never do anything to make me love you less.
9. I am your  mommy first and your friend second.
10. Someone will always look at the choices you make good choices.
11. Remember, pesty little brothers grow up and make the best friends.
12. Keep your toenails painted...yes, that IS important.
13. Your convictions are just that...yours. Stand up for what you believe in - just be respectful in the process.
14. Pray. Pray. Pray. Keep the communication between you and your FATHER going. It's amazing what a difference it makes.
15. There will ALWAYS be mean girls.
16. Mean girls are just that so pay no attention to them.
17. You have a beautiful and contagious smile.
18. To be successful in life, you only have to follow Jesus. That's it.
19. You will always be daddy's little girl - even when you are old and gray.
20. Cut yourself some slack. You WILL make mistakes. You WILL learn from them. And then you WILL do it different the next time.
21. UT Football
22. UNC basketball - GO HEELS!
23. Chocolate does cure a lot of things...
24. Makeup - too much is NEVER a good thing. Remember, sweet and subtle.
25. NEVER allow someone to convince you to do something that you do not think or feel is right. Be different and stand strong.
26. Your daddy has loved you better and stronger than any other boy ever will.
27. Your brother will teach you how boys should treat you.
28. The world NEEDS your story.
29. Girlfriends are priceless.
30. The best date night sometimes is with a good book, a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate.
31. Food is fun.  Don't let it become a slave to you or you a slave to it.
32. When you have math problems, you may need a tutor. Daddy nor I are great at math.
33. When you need help with science or english, I will be your resource.
34. When it's time for you to learn to drive, play soccer, or anything else like that, Daddy will be your best resource.
35. Always put on sunscreen. You WON'T regret it. Promise.
36. Do a self breast exam...every saved my life.
37. God always heals - sometimes it's here on earth, but other times it is in heaven - a forever healing.
38. Bad things do happen to good people...especially Christians. Don't let that surprise you though because the Bible is full of stories of suffering.
39. Life is not fair. Never has been, never will be. But remember, GOD IS GOOD!
40. I am on your side.
41. Being the first one to say you're sorry is a sure sign of strength.
42. Don't be afraid to fight, but always fight fair.
43. The movies LIE. Passion is not being all contorted on the kitchen counters or on a marble staircase. It's lying in bed at the end of the night with your feet touching while you read a good book.
44. When you don't know what to do morally, go to the only source of truth - the BIBLE! It will never steer you wrong.
45. If you are going to keep your hair long, invest in a really good conditioner/de-tangler.
46. Sometimes the very best therapy is a good long cry.
47. You can call me any day, any hour, for any reason and I will be here for you.
48. Travel.
49. Never spend more money than you have.
50. Share the Gospel with others. That is our primary responsibility as Christ followers.
51. Look for ways to serve others. It will be a huge blessing to them and you!
52. Read. Read. Read. It's the best escape you can have sometimes.
53. Keep coloring books around. They are also good therapy.
54. Love waits. Really, it does.
55. Spree candy is the BEST candy you will ever eat.
56. Floss your teeth...your hygenist and dentist will thank you.
57. Get your hair trimmed at least every 8 weeks.
58. You can get super cute and cheap jewelry from Target or Stella and Dot. Don't pay a lot for the other stuff.
59. The mirror is not the boss of you.
60. Bad hair days will happen...but good ones will follow.
61. Braces are temporary - straight teeth are forever. You will thank us one day.
62. Jesus loves you this I know.
63. I love you more than you will ever know. To the moon and back a million times over and then some...
64. People will tell you that God will not give you more than you can handle. That's a lie. He does because he wants us to rely on HIM and not ourselves.
65. It's always better to know and experience a painful truth than live a messy lie.
66. You will likely learn all of your music preferences from your friends because daddy and I listen to talk radio and Worship music only.
67. Don't be afraid to be different.
68. You are the most brave when you are scared but keep on going anyways.
69. Go to Italy. It is the most beautiful, romantic country.
70. I don't know the first thing about fashion so please teach me.
71. You are always welcome to anything in my closet and my jewelry box.
72. Marriage is work. You must work at it.
73. Your body is not just yours. It is a gift to give to your husband one day.
74. You are gorgeous. No matter what you may think of yourself, you are simply beautiful.
75. Please don't get sucked in to thinking that girls should look like those on the cover of magazines. They are airbrushed and photo-shopped. Promise!
76. Try not to get sucked into reality TV, but if you do, I'll be the best person to watch it with since it is my guilty pleasure.
77. Good girls are NOT boring.
78. Laugh often.
79. Love deeply.
80. Communication will be the key to maintaining relationships.
81. You can always always always come home.
82. You will always bring joy to my life.
83. Go sit in a coffee shop alone. Some of your greatest ideas and best thinking will happen there.
84. Always Eat Mor Chikin'
85. Labor - get your epidural and enjoy the experience.
86. Alcohol - when you are of age and only in moderation please.
87. Drugs - only the kind that are prescribed and only as prescribed.
88. Tobacco - gross! Just don't even go there unless you want yellow teeth, bad breath, and lung/mouth/esophageal cancer.
89. God is jealous FOR you. He wants you like nobodies business so always put him first!
90. You haven't lived until you've eaten icing and ice cream from their cartons.
91. Deem at least one day/month as Pajama Day and then do nothing all day long. You will LOVE it!
92. Pedicures are worth every penny - especially the first one of the spring. Invest in them.
93. Live! Really live life and find joy in the mundane. It will make each day just that much better.
94. You can do ALL THINGS because Christ lives in you and He alone is your strength.
95. Always remember that we don't have a "religion." It's not about that.
96. We have a relationship with JESUS! It's not a religion but a relationship.
97. Learn how to use power tools and then get your own "girl-y" set of pink ones. You WILL need them one day for something.
98. Pink isn't just a color. It's an attitude.
99. You will always be my baby girl.
100. You make my life 10 ba-jillion times more joyful. Thank you for being you!


Emily Doss said...

This is so sweet and awesome and amazing and wonderful. I love the idea of 100 things you need to know!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Tears! I can't believe its time for her!

Wendy said...

love, love, love.

sonya holder said...

Kelly, this is super! I love it and I love you and Chloe!

xoxo sonya

The Jenkins Family said...

I absolutely adore this. Perfectly put and said Momma! Chloe is one lucky girl ;)