Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Weekend Creativity

This past Saturday was quite relaxing with only one thing on the schedule. Literally we rested and relaxed and watched many episodes of Kung Fu Panda until around 12:30 when I decided that I probably SHOULD get up and shower in order to get Chloe to a birthday party that started at 2:00. The party was at her gymnastics gym so it was tons o' fun and it was for Aiden, a little boy that she has been in Parents Day Out with since they were both 1 year old. It was a little bittersweet though as Aiden is moving to Rhode Island on Monday as his dad is a soldier and has been sent to a school there for the next year. I have become close with Aiden's mom, Becky, and will really really miss her dearly. That is the one thing that really is hard about living in a military town...lots of goodbyes way to often!
However, after the party, we came home to find David repainting our patio swing a beautiful deep red color and prepping the grill for some ribeyes and corn on the cob. EXCITED!!! While he was working hard in the 95 degree weather, the kids wanted to play inside so we decided to pretend as though we were on a safari and were going to camp in the jungle. Chloe got all dressed for a safari...wearing her leotard and tutu. I mean, isn't that what all girls wear when searching out wild animals to shoot?? And I held her beach bucket full of safari supplies...water gun, flashlight, binoculars, lantern, and a necklace. My job was to blind the animals with the flashlight while she shot them with the water gun. It was quite entertaining. Many stuffed animals were "harmed" in this game. Then after the hunting was over, we decided to head off to our campsight (aka - the living room). We built a fire (using tape and scrapbook paper), spread our sleeping bags out, pitched our tent, and got out snacks. Brody also set up his Toy Story chair because he didn't want to sit on the "jungle" floor. This lasted for about an hour and I can say that I had SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the imaginations that my children have. They are just plain awesome!!!
Next up was dinner. David cooked the food while I gave the kids a bath and then I helped him finish up. We ate outside on the deck and then finished it up with a cone of ice cream for everyone. Next, we turned on some music and the kids danced like crazy on the deck while David cleaned the grill. Then came the catching of the lightening bugs. David and the kids caught them while I watched and cleaned up from dinner. It was simply a glorious day...from start to finish.
I sat watching them at the end of the night and felt nothing but the blessings from the Lord. I cannot even begin to tell you how supremely blessed I felt in that moment.

Check out that fire!

Ignore how messy the living room looks - we were having fun!

Chloe in her "safari outfit" trying to look scary for the wild animals we may have encountered

Brody with the binoculars. He was on guard duty and trying to keep us girls safe.

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