Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girls' Trip

Last Saturday, Chloe and I boarded a plane headed to Seattle, WA. We would make one short (well, it was supposed to be short) stop over in Kansas City but after that we would be in Seattle (or just south of there) for 5 days visiting my sister-in-law and little niece. My brother is deployed right now so this was truly a girls only trip.
Before I get on with pictures though, you must hear about the debacle with traveling. I must preface this with David always saying he is going to start traveling separate from me because something ALWAYS happens when we travel together (i.e. bags lost, delayed planes, hand searching by TSA, etc...) This time was no different. Chloe and I got to KC with no difficulty at all, however once arriving there, it all went down hill. First, we were STARVING and the crappy airport that is there had one restaurant that was a 21 and older restaurant and 1-2 little bookstores. We actually had to leave the terminal area to even get to those things and go back through security to get back to our gate. While doing that, we discover that our flight has been delayed for 3 hours. THREE HOURS in this horrible airport. What in the world would we do?!? There was no shopping, no nothing. So, we finally found a little kiddie section with a tv and table and decided to land there for the next few hours. MISTAKE! I sat by an older couple who looked innocent enough. Yeah, not so much. The lady began talking to me and asking me about Chloe. I answered her questions and tried to get back to my book but she would not stop talking. I learned that her brother is a song writer, that she always wanted a career as a country music singer, that she LOVES the old school country music, and that she grew up dirt poor in Maine but that he family would gather around the piano and sing in harmony for their entertainment. She then asked where we were from and I hated telling her, but I did..."close to Nashville." Then I found out even more about her passion for country music. Good grief Charlie Brown. Next, Chloe came over and sat between the two of us which I thought saved me from her incessant talking. NOPE! She started asking Chloe questions and then proceeded to tell me that she thinks its fine for kids to beat each other up if they are being mean. She said she told her son when he was younger to go punch the neighbor kid because she was tired of him getting picked on. WOW!!! Chloe was smart and got up and went back to the kiddie table. Then the lady reached over and asked Chloe to stand up. She then proceeded to pick a piece of lint off of her rear-end and then patted it. WHAT THE....? Really?!? Inappropriate lady, inappropriate! We then made a bee-line to the bathroom and stayed gone for a while. But guess what, it got worse. We then got another notification that the pilot who was supposed to fly our plane had gone home because he didn't know he had been scheduled for another flight...but not to worry because he was turning around and coming back. For the love of the Lord... what else could happen? Brace yourselves...that old lady was on our flight! But no, she did NOT sit with us. Thank you Jesus!

Once we finally got to Washington, we spend the next several days hitting up local parks, going to church, playing with my sweet niece Adalynn and some neighbors, visiting the Farmer's Market, and making our first trip to an American Girl Store to get Chloe her first American Girl Doll. That was an incredible experience in and of itself. The weather was perfect while we were there...jeans and long sleeves and little humidity. I seriously would rather live in the Seattle area with gray and drizzle rain than suffer (a bit dramatic maybe) in the ridiculously HOT and HUMID 100 degree summers in Tennessee. The only problem, there would be no work for my husband there since there are no Chick-fil-A's in Seattle...yet.

Anyways, enough talking, here are the pictures from our week with Kim and Adalynn. Oh, and as far as Chloe and Adalynn go, they loved each other so much! Chloe desperately wants a baby sister now and Kim said Adalynn has been talking about Chloe since we left. will have to check Kim's blog later for some of the fun that she and I had one night after the girls went to sleep. We made masks using Bentonite Clay. OMG! I LOVE that stuff and immediately ordered some from the bulk herb store to make them at home and also to make some detox baths with.

Before we came, Chloe picked them out some matching PJ's to wear.

fun times with a paper towel roll

Chloe got this dog at the airport and Adalynn loved it so much that Chloe ended up just giving it to her.

Park #1 and the park where Chloe and I were only a few feet from a real live snake. Eeew!!! It slithered away pretty quickly once Chloe screamed and flew down the slide faster than lightening.

Sweet little Adalynn in the swing.

See...? She has the doggie now!

Aunt Kim, Adalynn and Chloe all swinging in the tire.

Adalynn going down the slide by herself with a little encouragement from Aunt Kelly!!!

This is Chloe with her American Girl Doll whom she has lovingly named Catherine.

So proud and excited! Thank you American Girl - Seattle for this experience!

Me with my girl and her new doll

Chloe, Aunt Kim and Adalynn...I think this was Adalynn's first
 trip to this store also. What a fun girl-y day we all had. 

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