Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Orange Beach 2012

So Team Blevins just returned from a 5 nights/6 day vacation to Orange Beach. This was Brody's first real trip to the beach, unless you count when I was 8 months pregnant with him,  And of course Chloe was only 19 months old at that time. Each day was better than the one joke! And all of them were perfect. We all laughed, played, ate, shopped, and played some more.
Some of the highlights were:
Lulu's Restaurant: this is a restaurant EXPERIENCE. There are shops all around, fans misting out water everywhere as you waited, games to play, etc... It's outdoor eating on the bay where you sit on a pier and watch boats pass by. The restaurant is owned by Lucille Buffet, who is Jimmy Buffett's sister. Kinda cool, huh? The food was just okay, but the experience was great.
Lambert's: this restaurant is some serious Alabama home cooking'. It's famous for it's throwed rolls. Yes, they really throw rolls at you as they pass by in the restaurant. They yell "hot rolls" and you raise your hand if you want one, then they chuck them at you. Brody and Chloe both raised their hands twice and each got rolls tossed across a few booths to get to them. They LOVED it. Here, you also order 1 meat and 2 vegetables and then they come through the place with huge pots of macaroni and tomatoes, cabbage, fried okra, apple butter, and several other things.
The Ocean: just watching my kids enjoy the ocean and the sand was pure joy for me. They loved every second of it and begged to go everyday. After spending several hours on the beach, we would head back up to the pools and swim for a while there. I think I was blessed with two water babies. They love it!
Mini Golf: what is a trip to the beach without a round of mini golf on a pirate course? Brody LOVED it! I  did too though because David and I kept score and I won by 2 strokes. YESSS!!!! He says I am too competitive, but I like to think of it as a healthy level of competition.
Dolphin Cruise: this was amazing. We saw tons of dolphins in the bay and all of them were playful! I have video I will post soon but there are a few pics from the boat and one of an actual dolphin in this post.

And now on to the pictures as they really speak for themselves.

playing a game at Lulu's while we waited

done and ready to go

happy to be eating

at the outlets

took in the beach after dinner on this day because it was 101 degrees earlier in the day

she poses when even just looking at a shell

waiting for a wave to jump

Brody was a little skittish of the ocean at first. He would run to the water and as soon as it touched his feet he would run back up into the dry sand

it's who we are

silly little monkey

running back to shore!

maybe this isn't so bad after all

wave jumper

Chloe's footprints

She wrote her name all on her own in the sand. 

Then little Brody drew a smile face all on his own

Brody's footprints

just a cool picture.

she does gymnastics EVERYWHERE we go

standing in a deep sand hole being silly

day at the park 

pre-dolphin cruise - the kids were looking through the slats on the pier for dolphins

my little diva looking for dolphins

there's 1

the captain of our boat...former Coast Guard

holding Brody on the boat because he wanted to sit in my lap and eat

Pure joy on her face!

Brody was showing Chloe the shell he found

David, Brody, and Chloe building a sand castle complete with moat

Mini Golf

great stance Brody

running to her ball. She was totally into this game!

there's that stance again

David having to fish Chloe's ball out of the water for the second time.

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