Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother-Son Date "Knight"

So this weekend was a rough one due to a hard chemo treatment, however, I was determined that on Saturday evening nothing was going to stop me from taking Brody out on our date night.

 A few times each year, the Chick-fil-A that we own hosts a mother-son date night and a daddy-daughter date night. Last year, when Brody was 2.5, I took him, we sat in a booth of his choosing, ordered what he chose, and even had a great dessert. Afterwards, he wanted to go to Walgreens and shop around so that's what we did. I have cherished that memory for a whole year and this past weekend, it was time to relive the memory.
This time though, the night was themed "Knights", and the store was decorated perfectly. As we walked in, we were escorted to a table of Brody's choosing again (he chose the booth with a red tablecloth - his favorite) and he promptly told Josie, our waitress for the evening, that he wanted chicken and fries and a sprite and a brownie. He was going to waste no time. We did wait a bit though before officially putting our order in and talked over a list of questions that were given to us when we were seated. The questions were:

Brody and I had the BEST conversation about what it means to be a hero, what super powers we wish we had, etc...
After that, we ate dinner and then Brody decorated a shield. He chose the colors he wanted on it and the animal he wanted. Of course I had to draw the animal...a mouse...which ended up looking like a half mouse/half pig.

This is his drawing. My half pig/mouse is on the back. ha!

 Interestingly though, the mouse is a symbol of trust and we actually have a family picture of the 4 of us holding a ball that is engraved with the word trust. It was taken 1.5 years ago.

After dessert was done and the shield was complete, we headed out to...WALGREENS! He totally remembered going there the year before so we followed tradition. We walked the aisles a dozen times (ok, I secretly LOVE going to drug stores and just perusing) and chose a few goodies to bring home. Brody picked out a stuffed animal and he chose a little treat for Chloe too. Sweet boy.
The night, although I ended up being super sick later on that evening, was PERFECT! I love this intentional time with my son and hope that he grows up always remembering how mommy and him went to Chick-fil-A and Walgreens on our super special dates.

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