Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Contributing To The TRUANCY of My Pre-schooler

Yep, that's right. I let my 3 year old play hookie from parent's day out today and it was AWESOME! I had full intentions of taking him and Chloe to school, dropping them like they were hot, and heading on about my day. However, things happened. Brody tripped down the stairs this morning on the way out the door, cried like a nut-job, and to top it off has been battling a cold for a few days. I felt he was at his breaking point and if I didn't allow him to lay out of school he would be on the nearest bridge looking to jump. OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but hey, it seemed that way to me...and him.
So, what did we do? We took Chloe in to her pre-K class and acted like nothing was different. We then proceeded to walk to Brody's class, tell his teacher the plan, and left QUICKLY before Chloe could see us leaving together. It was then officially DATE DAY for me and my FAVORITE SON!!!
We started out at Wal-mart to grab some fresh produce and a little snack for him to have while I went to CrossFit. Next, home to put groceries up, and then on to CrossFit. Lots of fun! OK, honestly, today's workout was TAXING because it was 80+ degrees outside at 10:30 AM, and I was doing exercises I've never done before...or at least never done correctly. I was whining to my coach afterwards that my brain wasn't working right because I couldn't put all the moves together in a timely manner and I felt like a total loser. She reassured me by saying that, and I love this quote, "there is fit, and then there is CrossFit!" Thank you once again Reagan for making me feel so much better and MOTIVATED to "get" CrossFit!
Anyways, after "extra-size" (as Brody called it), we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things (a stuffed penguin that he is obsessed with) and then I let him choose where we would eat lunch. McDonalds it was. Gag! However, I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the southwest salad was. Not as good as Chick-fil-A's southwest salad, but maybe a far second?!? Brody didn't eat a bite though, he only wanted McDonalds for the toy. Thanks son, thanks a lot. We did have some awesome conversation though that involved him telling me at least a million times that he loves me and that he is my baby. I could have listened to it 1000 more times though and then some. He also told me that I am his favorite mommy and that he loves everyone because Jesus tells us to love one another.
After that, we went and saw our friend Dave at the Post Office. OK, truth is I had to mail out some packages too, but seeing our favorite post office dude is fun too. He loves Chick-fil-A and is always so super nice to us. Plus, he always asks how Captain Howell is...that's my brother who is stationed in Afghanistan. No, he doesn't know him, but I have sent enough packages via Dave that they could be friends I suppose.
Next up... don't be jealous, Wal-Mart again! Yes, it was probably the McDonald's that short-circuited my brain to make me want to go there twice in one day, but there were a few other things that I needed and Brody wanted (a leaf blower that blows bubbles - he calls it a Blow Leafer - cute). Plus we had an hour to kill before getting Chloe from school. I got those things for us, finishing our date day strong and happy.
Do I cherish my days while the kids are in PDO? You better believe it!!! I'm already getting anxious about summer coming and having them home 7 days/week...just being honest. However, some days are just made for that one on one with you child. It was the BEST day with Brody and I am glad that he was a truant today :)

This is a picture of my handsome man from about 10 months ago but its a pic nonetheless. I didn't bring my camera today because this was an unplanned date.

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