Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Went To The Zoo Zoo Zoo...

Yeah, been there, done that and totally forgot to post about it. We loaded up the van last week and took off to the Nashville Zoo for the day. We had lots of friends go with us making the total in our trip to 7 adults and 12 kids. Whew!!! It was organized chaos to say the least, and it was a WONDERFUL day! I think the coolest part was the new dinosaur exhibit that is there until mid-July. It was kind of like a little Jurassic Park. We loved it! Here are some pictures...

Chloe, Miguel, Aiden, and Brody checking out the Macaws

Really fuzzy picture of the monkey

Miguel looks like he is going to fall over the bridge...Eeek!

Anlee, Chloe and Joey in the meerkat tunnel

Brody really enjoyed the zoo this year!

Ali, Brody, Aiden, Chloe, Gabriel, and Miguel checking out the fish and something else exhibit...have no idea what else was in there.

My girl in the bamboo forrest

All of the kids...minus Brody because he refused
 to be in the pic (and 2 others had taken a potty break)

See, told you he refused! Haha!!

Really wishing he could reach the viewfinder

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