Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Coming Week....

So this coming week brings several exciting things for Team Blevins, but first let me update quickly on our weekend. Saturday was once again soccer day! Chloe scored 4 goals this week, two of which were from a long way off and one of those was even an air shot. My girl can play some soccer! The trouble-maker mom was NOT there, so things were pleasant! It was an enjoyable experience for all involved this week. I forgot my camera but oh how I wish I had gotten some video of those goals she scored. After soccer, we had a birthday party to attend for a little kid in Chloe's gymnastics class. It was fun as it was at the gym so the girls all flipped around and did their thing for a few hours. Then we hit up Home Depot for some new plants, a new umbrella for the table outside, and some new grill grates. Sunday we went to church, stayed for the late service as that is the one we volunteer at, hit up Wal-Mart for a few things, and then went to small group. All in all, a fantastic weekend and a great way to begin a new week.

So, this week, here is what is in store!
Monday I am taking the kids to The Rainforest Cafe. It is at the Opry Mills Mall which was flooded and destroyed in the flood of 2010. Well, it opened up last Thursday for the first time in 2 years so we are hitting it up tomorrow! I can't wait. I even got all my laundry done over the weekend so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.
Tuesday I am taking my first CrossFit class. Lord help me be able to walk on Wednesday.
Wednesday we are having a playdate with a gal from church and her kiddos. And Chloe has a follow-up for her allergy drops that she is taking...which by the way are WONDERFUL!!!
Thursday is soccer practice and possibly another CrossFit class for me. And a doctor appointment for lab results for me.
Friday is up in the air. Not sure yet what we will be doing.
Saturday is soccer again and hopefully another fun family weekend.

And other than that, I just have one more thing to add... well, a few...PICTURES!!!

This is what happens when Chloe forces Brody to play dress-up. He was pretending to be a gymnast in Chloe's gym... It reminds me of when I forced my own little brother into my blue tutu when he was about Brody's age. HAHA! Pictures like this will haunt them eventually.

And after dress-up was over, Brody decided to be "Captain Wonder-pants" and do "super-hero" type things off the furniture and around the house. He has GOT to be the skinniest, whitest, white boy ever. Haha! However, check out those tan lines around the arms and neck.

And there he goes...Captain Wonder-Pants off to save the day.

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