Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strawberry Time

Saturday turned out to be a great day. We spent time together as a family and then David has a charity poker tournament that he went to where he rubbed shoulders with a few Tennessee Titans.
But the start of our day wasn't super great. Chloe had her soccer game and during the first play of the game she was taken down by an opposing player. Yep, the girls were trying to steal the ball from each other when the other gal tripped Chloe and then stepped on her ankle bone with her cleat. Total accident, but this mama's heart was broken for her. She immediately started screaming...not really crying at first but a blood curling scream. EMS came over immediately and wanted to check her out and get some ice on it. She refused to move it, walk, or even get up. I thought it was broken at first. However, David saved the day with her and refused to coddle her too long (once he figured out that she was really okay). So, she was out the first half, but then came back in and scored the only goal in the whole second half, and the only goal period for her team. We were so proud of her for getting back in that game even though she was scared of getting hurt again. I could care less about how she played, it's the fact that she got back out there! Yay for Chloe.
Then we went to H&S strawberry farm and picked some strawberries for a while. It is a yearly tradition but oddly enough, it was David's first time coming with us. Usually it's a day time activity that we do when he is at work, but I really wanted him to experience it with us this year. We got lots of good strawberries, homemade strawberry cupcakes, and then came home and ate on strawberries for the rest of the weekend. I want to make jam, but I don't know how. Maybe I will google it soon.
Then that night, David headed to Franklin for a charity poker tournament put on by a friend's Chick-fil-A and someone else. There were 3 CFA owners there playing with him amongst the tons of other people. He had a blast and was able to meet, talk, and hang out with the kicker and punter for the Titans. He did really well and got down to the final 5 playing and of the Titan's girlfriends took him down and took all his money. Haha!!!
All in all, the perfect Saturday family day. I love days like that!

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