Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resurrection Eggs

I am so excited about these eggs that I HAVE no choice but to tell you ALL about them.

For the 12 days before Easter, you open one egg per day and read the little story and scripture that comes with it. It tells all about the meaning behind Easter and why we celebrate Easter, the hope that we have because of Jesus's death and resurrection, and it does so in a way that even engages my three year old son (who would most oftentimes rather be playing with his superheroes or dart guns). And the way I do it is I start out by letting them re-open the eggs that we already have done and they tell the story back to me (great way to review). And then whichever kid's turn it is gets to open the "new" egg.
So, without further ado, here they are:

We found these at Lifeway Bookstore!

The booklet explains everything perfectly for children!

Day 1: donkey - what Jesus rode in on to Jerusalem
Day 2: coins - the money Judas Iscariot accepted in exchange for Jesus
Day 3: cup - the wine that was passed during the Last Supper 
Day 4: praying hands - when Jesus went to pray in the garden
Day 5: whip - Jesus was beaten and bruised 
Day 6: crown of thorns - placed on Jesus's head to mock him
Day 7: cross made of nails - Jesus was nailed to the cross
Day 8: dice - the soldiers cast lots for Jesus's robe
Day 9: spear: the soldier's stuck a spear in Jesus's side while still on cross
Day 10: cloth - Joseph wrapped Jesus's body in cloths and placed him in tomb
Day 11: stone - was rolled in front of the tomb to seal it
Day 12: empty - JESUS IS RISEN!!!

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