Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Today was a wonderful Sunday! We have done a great job, if I may say so myself, of keeping Easter all about Jesus this year. Chloe and Brody are really at the ages that they are soaking up the information we give them and that they hear elsewhere. So... focusing on what really matters in life has become of utmost importance. And that, dear friends, is JESUS!
That being said, we did celebrate the resurrection of Christ with Easter baskets this morning before we headed out to church. And then after church this evening, we had an amazing time with our small group by having Easter dinner and a huge egg hunt with them. It was awesome. 20 adults and 15 kids...We love this group of ours and truly consider them our extended family.

Easter baskets...kites, pillow pets, Barbie/Spiderman, sprinkler, beach towels, candy, and little goodies were what the kids had in their baskets

Checking out her basket

eating a Peep for breakfast

Sweet Easter angel. Isn't she the cutest?!?

Sweet siblings!

Egg hunt with our small group...and they're off!

Brody looking quite confused for some reason...

Brody and his buddy Carter hunting eggs together

Hayley and Carter

My sweet boy!

Brody's best friend Braden...he's moving in a few weeks and Brody is already a bit sad about it. 

Daddy showing Brody where a few eggs were hidden

Chloe finding some eggs on her own.

Go Kelyn! Get those eggs!

Aaah, one in the wood pile. Sneaky!

group shot of the kids - grouped by sibling sets:
Chloe and Brody
Emerson, Anlee, and Dane
Kozbi and Kelyn
Addie and Ande
Charlie and Olivia
Hailey, Lauren, and Jace
Braden and baby brother on the way
Carter and Kinley
and a few more that I am sure I am forgetting.

Counting his eggs

Checking out her own eggs

"OK Mom! I will look at you for one picture. Happy?"

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