Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soccer Season

So yesterday was the first day of soccer for spring season, and I must say...CHLOE ROCKED THE FIELD!!! No, really, she did! She scored a total of 7 goals and the final score was 8-0. Yay for my little Chloe!!! But it didn't come without some rudeness involved. Check this out:
Before the game started, I noticed that another little girl (I will only call her "H") and her family were sitting in front of us. H is on Chloe's team so her mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents were there to watch her play. Now let me preface this story by saying that I have known one of H's grandmothers for 2 years. Anyways, no one in this family knew that I was sitting behind them and only the one grandma knew that I was Chloe's mom. OK, are you with me? So, the whistle blows and the game begins. Within 2 minutes Chloe scores and within 5 minutes she scores two more times. And then it starts...H's mom and two grandmas start talking about my child. It went a little something like this: "how old is that child?" "surely this isn't her first season!" "she doesn't give anyone else a chance to even get the ball!" "well, there she goes again with it!" And all of these are said in the most hateful snooty tones you can imagine. I took it as long as I could, and kept cheering for my girl, and then I had to do it. I tapped the one grandma I knew on the shoulder and killed her with kindness. She turned white as a ghost when she saw it was me and made the statement that she didn't know I was behind her. Ha! I bet! Then the other grandmother asks me how long Chloe had been playing and I told her this was her 3rd season to which she replied "oh, well that's why she is so good." Aaaannnd, then I said, "well, she certainly does NOT get her talent in soccer from me, but her daddy played his whole life so she takes after him with her soccer talents." Then the mom whipped her head around and said "so how old is your daughter?" I wanted to say, well, since she is playing in the 5 year old league, I would suppose she is 5, but I didn't. I just told her Chloe's age and she "hhmmppphhh-ed" and turned back around. WHATEVER! Are you kidding me? Then grandma that I know says "well, Chloe is really good. She just goes right after that ball." I replied, that yes, she was a go-getter. She was implying that Chloe was aggressive on the field. Again, whatever!
I'm not sorry my kid is good at soccer. I'm not sorry she has a drive and determination when she hears that whistle blow. I'm not sorry that she scored a lot of goals and helped our team win. I'm proud of her, her hard work, her excitement for the game, her good sportsmanship, etc... I'm proud of her for also stating later that God must have given her another talent in soccer (we've been talking about how everything she is able to do is because of God). She is already aware that nothing we do is by our own accord.
So, this will be a LONG season if I have to deal with this every single game. Let's pray that the dust settles and it's not like this next week.
Now, here are some pics and 2 videos of Chloe scoring. Enjoy!


Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh dear, Kelly! The nerve. All the little soccer girls look so cute with their socks! Tell Chloe to keep on rocking!

Wendy said...

Soccer stud! Love it! My 4 year old has been playing in various clinics for a year now hoping that she will have a great grasp on the basics when she starts this Fall.

Second, I can't believe some people. Simply, everyone knows you do not talk about someone else's child - you never know who is around you. And how dare them to criticize a child for her determination, good sportsmanship, drive, and passion!!

I'm so glad you let them know you were there!