Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soccer Game #2 : Location: Hater-Ville

So this past Saturday proved to be no better in the parental department than the previous week. When we first arrived, David introduced himself to the assistant coach as David was going to be helping him out since our head coach was out. Immediately, the other coach started in about how they needed to challenge Chloe and figure out a way to let the other girls score. He said that a few kids cried last week after the game because Chloe scored all of the goals. He was getting around to asking us to talk to Chloe and have her not score and only pass the ball this week. Uh....can we say "are you OUT of your mind?!?!?" David didn't have a chance to respond as Brody started fussing and he took that as his chance to walk away and cool off for a few minutes and collect his thoughts. Anyways, the other coach didn't say anything else about it (too much) before the game started, but once the whistle blew, all we heard from our own team's parents were "team work...work together...pass the ball..." Of course they were only yelling that when Chloe dominated the field and scored goals again like crazy. It's frustrating that they don't understand how this works. At 4 and 5 year old soccer, the only thing the kids are learning are skills...dribbling the ball down the field and shooting in into the goal (even if it's the WRONG goal). They have no idea of passing the ball to open teammates, they don't play certain positions, and truly their only goal is if they have the ball just get it to the goal.

Being around these other parents makes me want to start talking politics with them. They are acting so liberal. "Oh, it's not fair that Chloe gets the ball every time. She needs to share it to make it fair for everyone. We need for every girl on the team to be happy even if it means having to hold a really talented player back...just so we can be fair to everyone." COME ON FOLKS!!! This is leftist thinking if I've ever heard it in a sport. We have been there before...on the other end of the soccer spectrum. Chloe wasn't always a little star. She put her time in, worked hard in the off seasons, practices hard and plays hard during the season. She has progressed naturally the more she has put into it. And what I want to say is that their children will too if they will just stop focusing on mine. It's not about the score for goodness sake. As long as the kids have fun and want to keep playing then that is all that matters. As a matter of fact, the very first question we ask Chloe is "did you have fun today?  what was your favorite moment?" We don't make it about the score to her because that doesn't matter...especially at this age.

Long story, I know. But I wanted to let you in that yet again, we were in Hater-ville for game 2. Hopefully the season will improve but if not, we may have to talk to the head coach about it and make him aware of what is going on. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated so feel free to chime in... It's becoming harder and harder to maintain my Christian attitude and witness to these hateful parents especially when my sweet girl is the brunt of THIER problem. UGH!
And now, a few more pictures...

Check out that outfit...black leggings, pink umbros, long sleeve shirt under the jersey, and the best part of all: HELLO KITTY soccer socks! Oh yeah, she ruled in the fashionista department. Haha!

In the middle of the pack getting ready to take off with it

Good game...good game...

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