Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Results. Answers. Yay!

Yesterday was the day we have been waiting for FOREVER...or so it seems. We found out, after being told that Chloe is allergic to "nothing" that she does in fact have allergies to milk, wheat and eggs. Now, this is not the result that we were hoping for, but it provides answers and therefore provides a new hope that we can get her asthma under good control and get rid of the allergies. Here's how things will work for her...we think. We will rid her diet of all milk, wheat, and eggs...and all things that have those ingredients in them. This will last for 6 months. And then we will gradually begin adding things back in to see what and how much she can tolerate before her immune system goes wacky. The thought process, and research done, shows that if you can calm down the immune system and give it time to "rest" that it will respond differently when you begin adding things back to the diet. It's hard to think that we have been feeding her things that have caused her asthma, but we didn't know any better and were actually denied food allergy testing the other times we requested it. So now that we know what we are dealing with, we move forward. We go back today for the remaining results of the tests that were done so these will tell us what environmental allergies she has...if any at all.

I'm slightly overwhelmed at WHAT I will feed her because let's be real...milk, eggs, and wheat or even forms of those things are in EVERYTHING. However, we are one meal into it this morning and she did okay. Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial "Bread" with Honey. She tolerated it just okay, but I know these things will be an aquired taste. Luckily, I have a dear friend whose job is making food plans for people so she has asked for a list of Chloe's favorite foods and is going to try to adapt them into recipes that will work for her. I'm thankful to say the least.

Chloe has a great attitude about this and even told the babysitter last night that she can't have any bread anymore. Actually she told her, "Miss Claire, I am not allowed to have weed anymore." For the record, she was NEVER allowed weed and luckily Claire has been our sitter for 5 years now and KNOWS Chloe meant wheat. HAhahaha!

***update, her skin tests came back showing allergies to dogs, cats, grasses, a mix of trees, and a few fungi***

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Christy said...

Hey lady if she likes granola bars, I've been making the elanas pantry breakfast bars for my kids with enjoy life chocolate chips (gluten, dairy free) & they live them. Gluten Free Goddess, & Elanas pantry are good sources!