Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Knots, Bumps, and Black Eyes

And they were all on Chloe. She went to her friends' house and they were riding scooters outside. Chloe fell, tragedy ensued, face and eye hit the pavement first and resulted in this:

Look closely over that right eye. See the large pump knot? HUGE!!! And see the eye swelling and bruising? I nearly threw up when I saw my sweet girl with this crazy injury...and yes, the pediatrician called it a head injury. Pedestrian vs. Scooter.  The scooter won.
Actually, when the doc first walked into the room, she was pretty sure it the eye orbit was fractured. However, upon closer inspection, palpation, and about 45 minutes worth of neurological checks, she was deemed ok and we were sent home with a sheet of things to watch for over the next 8 hours and were told to get her to the hospital if anything on that list occurred. 
Needless to say now, she was fine, is fine, and the knot today is waaay down. The eye is still swollen and bruised, but she is still adorable as ever. She says it looks like she has makeup on her eyelid. There are a few abrasions and bruises also noted on her elbow and cheek, but she will be fine and for that I am grateful forever!

**below this post is another one with pics from the soccer game this past Saturday.**