Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Glimpse Into Our Week...

What a crazy, busy, great week we have had so far. I have to admit that my kids and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being busy and having things to do and places to go and people to see. We are not the people who love to stay at home although I sometimes wish we were, and sometimes do enjoy it. As a matter of fact, the first thing the kids ask me every single morning is "mommy, where are we going today?" They have learned that Mondays are generally laundry day which means we do stay home and I do all of the laundry in that one day while staying in jammas and cleaning up from the weekend. Chloe dreads "laundry day" for two reasons. One being she has to help put clothes away and the other being that she can't go anywhere until gymnastics time. This week though, I changed things up a bit and you would have thought that Santa had come to town again. Here's how the week has gone and will hopefully finish...

Monday: laundry loads 1&2, swimming at the YMCA, lunch at Chick-fil-A, Publix for a few items,  laundry loads 3&4, gymnastics, CHS basketball game (this was a playoff and they won in OT meaning we go to STATE now!!!)
Tuesday: (school was out) Went to vote, went to Target, realized I left my wallet at home so back home to get wallet, back to Target to pay, laundry load 5, Chloe to doctor for her allergy test results, Chuck E Cheese with friends, Park with friends, then David and I went to the Young Life banquet while the kids stayed with one of our very favorite babysitters, Claire
Wednesday: finishing up the last load of laundry for the week, Chloe back to doctor for remaining allergy results, clean the house and vacuum, go to grocery store, gymnastics, AWANA
Thursday: David and I to Vanderbilt for another treatment and a heart scan, Claire takes kids to school, then David will do something with the kids the rest of the day when they get home from school while I sleep off the meds.
Friday: hoping to find someone to take kids to MOPS for me so I can rest and then movie day at home with the kids
Saturday: soccer pictures, and fun outing as a family
Sunday: church, small group, and prepping for another week

One fun surprise today was that Chloe did this...and it was all her own idea.

Getting ready for the "procedure"

the marking of the ears...

Ear #1

Ear #2

No tears, no flinching...nothing but smiles before, during and after

Check them out. She chose 14K blue flowers. Adorable. And then she went ahead and chose Hello Kitty, blue dolphins, lollipops, and pink flowers for when the time comes to change them out. She was so totally proud of herself, as was I

Lots of fun, lots of things going on, and now I have to get busy if I want to accomplish everything before my treatment tomorrow...


Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh my-milestones! It does remind me that my left ear piercing is "off", every time that I wear pearls. Looks like the C team was on duty at Randolph Mall that day. Chloe is growing up!

Kelly said...

Hey Kim, do you think there was ever an A or B team at Randolph Mall? HAHA! They probably start off with the C team.