Thursday, March 22, 2012

Conversations and Imaginations

The other night, I was lying on the couch watching TV after the kids were in bed, David was in the chair on his iPad, and the dog was on the ottoman. Typical night in our house after 8 PM. Suddenly, and I mean to tell you it was all of a sudden, Brody comes running into the living room, jumps on the couch with me and covers up with my blanket. I asked him what was wrong and his reply was this:
BRODY : bacon-man is trying to get me. He is in my room.
ME: Brody, did you say bacon-man?!?
BRODY: yeah mommy, bacon-man is trying to get me
ME: Brody, you must have been dreaming because there is no such thing as bacon-man. I promise! If you really think he is in your room, show me where he is and I will go get him!
BRODY: I need to lay with you mommy. I scared of Bacon-man.
ME: OK, Brody, you can lay with me for a little while, but Bacon-man is not really real.

And hence our beginning with Bacon-Man and Brody's now to the next night at dinner and this is what Brody told us about Bacon-Man:
1. Bacon-Man is a giant like Jack (and the beanstalk)
2. Bacon-Man lives in the clouds and he flies around the sky
3. Bacon-Man likes Chloe
4. Bacon-Man has a big gun like the one Brody got when he started pooping on the potty
5. Bacon-Man comes into our house at night
6. Bacon-Man fights in Afghanistan like Uncle Jordan (when he said it though, it sounded like this "af-gan-i-dan"
And the conversation was much more detailed but I can't remember all of the "facts" about Bacon-Man. However, if we do happen to ever see him, I will take a picture so that we can all see what he looks like.

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