Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Array of Things

So, I am almost at the end of an incredibly long week with 2 pre-schoolers and no husband at home. Tomorrow evening, David will be back from doing a grand opening in Columbia and I can honestly say that it cannot come too soon. I'm ready for some back-up. I'm ready for some rest. I'm ready to scream because for the past two days my sweet, innocent children have turned into A) a 3 year old NIGHTMARE who yells and hits his sister, and B) a 5 year old drama queen who rolls her eyes, crosses her arms, and stomps her foot when she doesn't get her way. OMG!!! I'm at my wits' end. All I want to do is be alone. I tried to get a sitter to come so I could escape for a few hours, but couldn't find one who was available. Our week has been filled with gymnastics, soccer and birthday parties, not to mention getting things together to take to their parties at school yesterday. David normally is in charge of bath-time and teeth brushing at night...I had to do it this week and realized how much I appreciate his willingness to do this because by the time bath time comes, I just need to sit and let him deal with them and the constant fighting, tattle telling, and aggravating each other. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. And this brings me to make one more statement as I live in an Army town and many many of my friends are Army is my sister-in-law. I think they all deserve a full week (or more) away every time their spouse returns from deployment. They are incredibly self-less people who never get time to themselves while their soldier is deployed (most likely for a full year). It's hard being married yet parenting as a single when the spouse is away due to work. Thank you military wives and moms for setting a great example to a peep like me who is ready to pull my hair out any second now! You gals ROCK! venting is over.

Now, to change the tone of this up a bit, let me share a funny story that happened last night. Chloe asked me where people who don't believe in and love Jesus go since they don't go to heaven. I was telling her about a lake made of fire (still don't want to use the word HELL for some reason with her) and all of a sudden Brody pipes up and says "uh Chloe, they go to Wal-mart!" He was serious. He was hysterical!!! Walmart and hell can be considered synonyms on some days :)

And then tonight, Brody decided that he is scared of Cabot...the dog we have had for 7 years! I mean he was all out crying real tears and screaming if Cabot came near him. I went to settle him and talk to him about this new-found fear. I asked him what made him scared of Cabot. His reply, and he was serious as could be (and stated this with tears streaming), "Cabot wants to eat me. He tried to eat me." I then explained that Cabot was just licking him and that is the way doggies give smooches. I then had to tell him that doggies don't like how little boys taste and that the only thing dogs do like to eat is dog food, treats, and hot dogs. He then asked if doggies liked the buns with their hot dogs or if they liked them without bread. I told him with and then he wanted to know if Cabot liked pigs in a blanket. OMgoodness!! Where does this child come up with these things? So for now, Cabot is hanging with me in the living room while the kids are watching a movie in the bedroom. Poor dog, he really can't win in this house for losing.

And now, for some pictures...

spilled nothing on outfit before church and then noticed he had snuck a sip
of my Diet Sunkist...hence the orange mustache

the future david, really
best left-footed kicker I have ever seen

drawing in the tub with his new bathtub crayons
doesn't he look like he is up to no good with that little grin?

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Glad David is back! Well two months and I do feel a little crazy, but thankful for free gym childcare and a 1x/week sitter for bs..haha.

In one of those pictures (3rd down?), Brody looks dead on like David!!!! Bathtub crayons on my to-get list...