Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Knots, Bumps, and Black Eyes

And they were all on Chloe. She went to her friends' house and they were riding scooters outside. Chloe fell, tragedy ensued, face and eye hit the pavement first and resulted in this:

Look closely over that right eye. See the large pump knot? HUGE!!! And see the eye swelling and bruising? I nearly threw up when I saw my sweet girl with this crazy injury...and yes, the pediatrician called it a head injury. Pedestrian vs. Scooter.  The scooter won.
Actually, when the doc first walked into the room, she was pretty sure it the eye orbit was fractured. However, upon closer inspection, palpation, and about 45 minutes worth of neurological checks, she was deemed ok and we were sent home with a sheet of things to watch for over the next 8 hours and were told to get her to the hospital if anything on that list occurred. 
Needless to say now, she was fine, is fine, and the knot today is waaay down. The eye is still swollen and bruised, but she is still adorable as ever. She says it looks like she has makeup on her eyelid. There are a few abrasions and bruises also noted on her elbow and cheek, but she will be fine and for that I am grateful forever!

**below this post is another one with pics from the soccer game this past Saturday.**

Soccer Game #2 : Location: Hater-Ville

So this past Saturday proved to be no better in the parental department than the previous week. When we first arrived, David introduced himself to the assistant coach as David was going to be helping him out since our head coach was out. Immediately, the other coach started in about how they needed to challenge Chloe and figure out a way to let the other girls score. He said that a few kids cried last week after the game because Chloe scored all of the goals. He was getting around to asking us to talk to Chloe and have her not score and only pass the ball this week. Uh....can we say "are you OUT of your mind?!?!?" David didn't have a chance to respond as Brody started fussing and he took that as his chance to walk away and cool off for a few minutes and collect his thoughts. Anyways, the other coach didn't say anything else about it (too much) before the game started, but once the whistle blew, all we heard from our own team's parents were "team work...work together...pass the ball..." Of course they were only yelling that when Chloe dominated the field and scored goals again like crazy. It's frustrating that they don't understand how this works. At 4 and 5 year old soccer, the only thing the kids are learning are skills...dribbling the ball down the field and shooting in into the goal (even if it's the WRONG goal). They have no idea of passing the ball to open teammates, they don't play certain positions, and truly their only goal is if they have the ball just get it to the goal.

Being around these other parents makes me want to start talking politics with them. They are acting so liberal. "Oh, it's not fair that Chloe gets the ball every time. She needs to share it to make it fair for everyone. We need for every girl on the team to be happy even if it means having to hold a really talented player back...just so we can be fair to everyone." COME ON FOLKS!!! This is leftist thinking if I've ever heard it in a sport. We have been there before...on the other end of the soccer spectrum. Chloe wasn't always a little star. She put her time in, worked hard in the off seasons, practices hard and plays hard during the season. She has progressed naturally the more she has put into it. And what I want to say is that their children will too if they will just stop focusing on mine. It's not about the score for goodness sake. As long as the kids have fun and want to keep playing then that is all that matters. As a matter of fact, the very first question we ask Chloe is "did you have fun today?  what was your favorite moment?" We don't make it about the score to her because that doesn't matter...especially at this age.

Long story, I know. But I wanted to let you in that yet again, we were in Hater-ville for game 2. Hopefully the season will improve but if not, we may have to talk to the head coach about it and make him aware of what is going on. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated so feel free to chime in... It's becoming harder and harder to maintain my Christian attitude and witness to these hateful parents especially when my sweet girl is the brunt of THIER problem. UGH!
And now, a few more pictures...

Check out that outfit...black leggings, pink umbros, long sleeve shirt under the jersey, and the best part of all: HELLO KITTY soccer socks! Oh yeah, she ruled in the fashionista department. Haha!

In the middle of the pack getting ready to take off with it

Good game...good game...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

What do we do for fun on a cloudy, overcast, and post-rainy day?!? We go on the deck for some fun with the new bubble machine!!!

Conversations and Imaginations

The other night, I was lying on the couch watching TV after the kids were in bed, David was in the chair on his iPad, and the dog was on the ottoman. Typical night in our house after 8 PM. Suddenly, and I mean to tell you it was all of a sudden, Brody comes running into the living room, jumps on the couch with me and covers up with my blanket. I asked him what was wrong and his reply was this:
BRODY : bacon-man is trying to get me. He is in my room.
ME: Brody, did you say bacon-man?!?
BRODY: yeah mommy, bacon-man is trying to get me
ME: Brody, you must have been dreaming because there is no such thing as bacon-man. I promise! If you really think he is in your room, show me where he is and I will go get him!
BRODY: I need to lay with you mommy. I scared of Bacon-man.
ME: OK, Brody, you can lay with me for a little while, but Bacon-man is not really real.

And hence our beginning with Bacon-Man and Brody's imagination...fast-forward now to the next night at dinner and this is what Brody told us about Bacon-Man:
1. Bacon-Man is a giant like Jack (and the beanstalk)
2. Bacon-Man lives in the clouds and he flies around the sky
3. Bacon-Man likes Chloe
4. Bacon-Man has a big gun like the one Brody got when he started pooping on the potty
5. Bacon-Man comes into our house at night
6. Bacon-Man fights in Afghanistan like Uncle Jordan (when he said it though, it sounded like this "af-gan-i-dan"
And the conversation was much more detailed but I can't remember all of the "facts" about Bacon-Man. However, if we do happen to ever see him, I will take a picture so that we can all see what he looks like.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soccer Season

So yesterday was the first day of soccer for spring season, and I must say...CHLOE ROCKED THE FIELD!!! No, really, she did! She scored a total of 7 goals and the final score was 8-0. Yay for my little Chloe!!! But it didn't come without some rudeness involved. Check this out:
Before the game started, I noticed that another little girl (I will only call her "H") and her family were sitting in front of us. H is on Chloe's team so her mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents were there to watch her play. Now let me preface this story by saying that I have known one of H's grandmothers for 2 years. Anyways, no one in this family knew that I was sitting behind them and only the one grandma knew that I was Chloe's mom. OK, are you with me? So, the whistle blows and the game begins. Within 2 minutes Chloe scores and within 5 minutes she scores two more times. And then it starts...H's mom and two grandmas start talking about my child. It went a little something like this: "how old is that child?" "surely this isn't her first season!" "she doesn't give anyone else a chance to even get the ball!" "well, there she goes again with it!" And all of these are said in the most hateful snooty tones you can imagine. I took it as long as I could, and kept cheering for my girl, and then I had to do it. I tapped the one grandma I knew on the shoulder and killed her with kindness. She turned white as a ghost when she saw it was me and made the statement that she didn't know I was behind her. Ha! I bet! Then the other grandmother asks me how long Chloe had been playing and I told her this was her 3rd season to which she replied "oh, well that's why she is so good." Aaaannnd, then I said, "well, she certainly does NOT get her talent in soccer from me, but her daddy played his whole life so she takes after him with her soccer talents." Then the mom whipped her head around and said "so how old is your daughter?" I wanted to say, well, since she is playing in the 5 year old league, I would suppose she is 5, but I didn't. I just told her Chloe's age and she "hhmmppphhh-ed" and turned back around. WHATEVER! Are you kidding me? Then grandma that I know says "well, Chloe is really good. She just goes right after that ball." I replied, that yes, she was a go-getter. She was implying that Chloe was aggressive on the field. Again, whatever!
I'm not sorry my kid is good at soccer. I'm not sorry she has a drive and determination when she hears that whistle blow. I'm not sorry that she scored a lot of goals and helped our team win. I'm proud of her, her hard work, her excitement for the game, her good sportsmanship, etc... I'm proud of her for also stating later that God must have given her another talent in soccer (we've been talking about how everything she is able to do is because of God). She is already aware that nothing we do is by our own accord.
So, this will be a LONG season if I have to deal with this every single game. Let's pray that the dust settles and it's not like this next week.
Now, here are some pics and 2 videos of Chloe scoring. Enjoy!

An Array of Things

So, I am almost at the end of an incredibly long week with 2 pre-schoolers and no husband at home. Tomorrow evening, David will be back from doing a grand opening in Columbia and I can honestly say that it cannot come too soon. I'm ready for some back-up. I'm ready for some rest. I'm ready to scream because for the past two days my sweet, innocent children have turned into A) a 3 year old NIGHTMARE who yells and hits his sister, and B) a 5 year old drama queen who rolls her eyes, crosses her arms, and stomps her foot when she doesn't get her way. OMG!!! I'm at my wits' end. All I want to do is be alone. I tried to get a sitter to come so I could escape for a few hours, but couldn't find one who was available. Our week has been filled with gymnastics, soccer and birthday parties, not to mention getting things together to take to their parties at school yesterday. David normally is in charge of bath-time and teeth brushing at night...I had to do it this week and realized how much I appreciate his willingness to do this because by the time bath time comes, I just need to sit and let him deal with them and the constant fighting, tattle telling, and aggravating each other. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. And this brings me to make one more statement as I live in an Army town and many many of my friends are Army wives...as is my sister-in-law. I think they all deserve a full week (or more) away every time their spouse returns from deployment. They are incredibly self-less people who never get time to themselves while their soldier is deployed (most likely for a full year). It's hard being married yet parenting as a single when the spouse is away due to work. Thank you military wives and moms for setting a great example to a peep like me who is ready to pull my hair out any second now! You gals ROCK! Aaaannnnddd...my venting is over.

Now, to change the tone of this up a bit, let me share a funny story that happened last night. Chloe asked me where people who don't believe in and love Jesus go since they don't go to heaven. I was telling her about a lake made of fire (still don't want to use the word HELL for some reason with her) and all of a sudden Brody pipes up and says "uh Chloe, they go to Wal-mart!" He was serious. He was hysterical!!! Walmart and hell can be considered synonyms on some days :)

And then tonight, Brody decided that he is scared of Cabot...the dog we have had for 7 years! I mean he was all out crying real tears and screaming if Cabot came near him. I went to settle him and talk to him about this new-found fear. I asked him what made him scared of Cabot. His reply, and he was serious as could be (and stated this with tears streaming), "Cabot wants to eat me. He tried to eat me." I then explained that Cabot was just licking him and that is the way doggies give smooches. I then had to tell him that doggies don't like how little boys taste and that the only thing dogs do like to eat is dog food, treats, and hot dogs. He then asked if doggies liked the buns with their hot dogs or if they liked them without bread. I told him with and then he wanted to know if Cabot liked pigs in a blanket. OMgoodness!! Where does this child come up with these things? So for now, Cabot is hanging with me in the living room while the kids are watching a movie in the bedroom. Poor dog, he really can't win in this house for losing.

And now, for some pictures...

spilled nothing on outfit before church and then noticed he had snuck a sip
of my Diet Sunkist...hence the orange mustache

the future david beckham...no, really
best left-footed kicker I have ever seen

drawing in the tub with his new bathtub crayons
doesn't he look like he is up to no good with that little grin?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kids Say...

Here is how the kids' bedtime routine went down tonight. First, let me preface this by saying that Brody has thrown up twice in the past hour so he is not feeling well at all so please say a little prayer for my little boy tonight. Anyways, I was reading the story of the first Easter to the kids and Chloe gets a huge grin on her face and says "mom, I wish I was alive when Jesus went to Jerusalem because I would be his girl disciple." Of course she then followed it up with "mom, will Jesus look like that in heaven when we get there? He is so cute!"
Then Brody piped up and said he wanted to hear the story of the ear (when Peter cuts the soldier's ear off during the arrest of Jesus). Ha! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Glimpse Into Our Week...

What a crazy, busy, great week we have had so far. I have to admit that my kids and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being busy and having things to do and places to go and people to see. We are not the people who love to stay at home although I sometimes wish we were, and sometimes do enjoy it. As a matter of fact, the first thing the kids ask me every single morning is "mommy, where are we going today?" They have learned that Mondays are generally laundry day which means we do stay home and I do all of the laundry in that one day while staying in jammas and cleaning up from the weekend. Chloe dreads "laundry day" for two reasons. One being she has to help put clothes away and the other being that she can't go anywhere until gymnastics time. This week though, I changed things up a bit and you would have thought that Santa had come to town again. Here's how the week has gone and will hopefully finish...

Monday: laundry loads 1&2, swimming at the YMCA, lunch at Chick-fil-A, Publix for a few items,  laundry loads 3&4, gymnastics, CHS basketball game (this was a playoff and they won in OT meaning we go to STATE now!!!)
Tuesday: (school was out) Went to vote, went to Target, realized I left my wallet at home so back home to get wallet, back to Target to pay, laundry load 5, Chloe to doctor for her allergy test results, Chuck E Cheese with friends, Park with friends, then David and I went to the Young Life banquet while the kids stayed with one of our very favorite babysitters, Claire
Wednesday: finishing up the last load of laundry for the week, Chloe back to doctor for remaining allergy results, clean the house and vacuum, go to grocery store, gymnastics, AWANA
Thursday: David and I to Vanderbilt for another treatment and a heart scan, Claire takes kids to school, then David will do something with the kids the rest of the day when they get home from school while I sleep off the meds.
Friday: hoping to find someone to take kids to MOPS for me so I can rest and then movie day at home with the kids
Saturday: soccer pictures, and fun outing as a family
Sunday: church, small group, and prepping for another week

One fun surprise today was that Chloe did this...and it was all her own idea.

Getting ready for the "procedure"

the marking of the ears...

Ear #1

Ear #2

No tears, no flinching...nothing but smiles before, during and after

Check them out. She chose 14K blue flowers. Adorable. And then she went ahead and chose Hello Kitty, blue dolphins, lollipops, and pink flowers for when the time comes to change them out. She was so totally proud of herself, as was I

Lots of fun, lots of things going on, and now I have to get busy if I want to accomplish everything before my treatment tomorrow...

Results. Answers. Yay!

Yesterday was the day we have been waiting for FOREVER...or so it seems. We found out, after being told that Chloe is allergic to "nothing" that she does in fact have allergies to milk, wheat and eggs. Now, this is not the result that we were hoping for, but it provides answers and therefore provides a new hope that we can get her asthma under good control and get rid of the allergies. Here's how things will work for her...we think. We will rid her diet of all milk, wheat, and eggs...and all things that have those ingredients in them. This will last for 6 months. And then we will gradually begin adding things back in to see what and how much she can tolerate before her immune system goes wacky. The thought process, and research done, shows that if you can calm down the immune system and give it time to "rest" that it will respond differently when you begin adding things back to the diet. It's hard to think that we have been feeding her things that have caused her asthma, but we didn't know any better and were actually denied food allergy testing the other times we requested it. So now that we know what we are dealing with, we move forward. We go back today for the remaining results of the tests that were done so these will tell us what environmental allergies she has...if any at all.

I'm slightly overwhelmed at WHAT I will feed her because let's be real...milk, eggs, and wheat or even forms of those things are in EVERYTHING. However, we are one meal into it this morning and she did okay. Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial "Bread" with Honey. She tolerated it just okay, but I know these things will be an aquired taste. Luckily, I have a dear friend whose job is making food plans for people so she has asked for a list of Chloe's favorite foods and is going to try to adapt them into recipes that will work for her. I'm thankful to say the least.

Chloe has a great attitude about this and even told the babysitter last night that she can't have any bread anymore. Actually she told her, "Miss Claire, I am not allowed to have weed anymore." For the record, she was NEVER allowed weed and luckily Claire has been our sitter for 5 years now and KNOWS Chloe meant wheat. HAhahaha!

***update, her skin tests came back showing allergies to dogs, cats, grasses, a mix of trees, and a few fungi***