Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Have Learned (no smart comments please. ha!)

So, after a highly disappointing appointment with Chloe's allergist (you can read about it here) and poring through the book my SIL recommended to me, (here is that post), I have made some dietary changes in our household and have some things to share with you. You have to understand that after leaving that appointment, and STILL not hearing anything back from the allergist after almost 2 weeks, and watching Chloe begin her coughing again, etc...that I am at my wits end. I have made her an appointment with Dr. Haase who is a wellness/preventative medicine doc in our town. He is one of my doctors also and is brilliant. He treats the patient, not the other words, he doesn't put a bandaid over the problem but gets to the root of it and solves it for good. He is going to test her for allergies doing a blood draw which will actually test for over 150 food and environmental allergies. That appointment is in a few weeks.

Anyways, back to the original reason for this post. What I have learned by reading the above mentioned book, "What's Eating Your Child?" Here we go in list form...
1. Picky eating can make kids tired and irritable, but it can also be a sign of underlying medical issues such as reflux and reflux can be caused by the milk protein called casein.
2. Picky eating is not a passing phase to be ignored, and nor should one accept such conditions as colic and reflux given for children and babies (Chloe was diagnosed with colic and reflux as an infant as was Brody)
3. A kid frequently sick with colds, ear infections, stomach viruses, throat infections, and/or pneumonia means that their immune system is under attack. (Chloe and Brody both had/have ear tubes for frequent infections that were difficult to treat and still have them on occasion, Chloe has had multiple pneumonias and a few sinus infections, and Brody has had multiple sinus infections).
4. Eighty percent of the protein in milk is casein, a complicated protein that is difficult for many people to digest. Cow's milk is designed for a regurgitant animal with 4 stomach chambers. When humans consume it, the response in people who can't tolerate it is irritation which the body tries to soothe by producing mucus.
5. Children with a zinc deficiency can become almost repelled by the tastes or smells of many foods. They may even get anxious about even thinking about trying new foods (this is Chloe to a tee. She oftentimes will say that she is scared to try a new food and will gag the second it even touches her tongue)
6. If you had trouble finding a formula that suited your child your child may have reflux which can be cause by a reaction to the milk protein, casein. (Chloe was on soy formula and Brody was on non-milk/non-soy/hypoallergenic formula and still had to take Zantac)
7. Also, if your child has asthma, frequent illnesses, bad breath, burps often, or has little interest in eating they may have reflux and the recommendation is to stop milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and pudding.
8. Ninety percent of kids with recurring ear infections or ear fluid had positive markers for food allergies and when those foods were removed, the infections/fluid went away. (EVERY time Chloe was taken in for a sick or well visit the doctor always commented that she had fluid behind he ears)
9. Children often crave the foods that they are intolerant or allergic to. (Chloe ALWAYS prefers milk to drink and she would eat cheese all day long if I would allow her to)

And that my friends and family is why my kids have had no milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt or pudding in the past week. Has it been hard? Only at times...Chloe has asked for a grilled cheese on occasion as that was a favorite of hers but she understands that this is something that we have to do for at least a month or until allergy testing comes back telling us otherwise. She's doing fine though and even asked me to tell her grandmom that she can't have dairy when she stays with her in a few weeks. I assured her that I had already emailed her and that grandmom said she wouldn't give her dairy. I am supplementing with the recommended amount of calcium and will start zinc supplements soon I think.
So that is what I have learned and this is where we are at. Pray we get answers soon as I just found out that one of her allergy medicines has been linked to childhood suicides and depression so I am going to take her off of it.


Nicole said...

I am so sorry to hear about this! As you know we have been through similar difficulties with Alistair but luckily he doesn't really like dairy. Have you read the book "Food Chaining", it really helped us while we were in feeding therapy at Easter Seals. They recommended it for him. We have to do a lot of gluten free/dairy free eating at our home too! Let me know if I can help! All the BEST!

6L's said...

thanks for sharing! i'm going to copy you on this. :)

Wendy said...

poor little ones! that's gotta be hard! i'm passing this list on to a friend whose daughter frequently gags over new foods. maybe a zinc issue? thanks!!