Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yep, I've got some swagger. Shocking, I know! However, my swagger comes in the shape and form of a new Honda Odyssey! I am the happy owner of a swagger wagon / mom-mobile. I'm thrilled. The kids are thrilled, and even David thinks the Swagger Wagon rocks.

What prompted all of this you may ask? Well, simply put, we are in the car ALL day some days and having two small kids, that means we have TONS of things in the car...it's almost like a second home to them. Toys, bags, extra clothes, blankets, DVDs, books, etc crowd the back seat and trunk area...not to mention 2 car seats plus my bag/purse that take up room. And, with Chloe starting school this fall, I have already started thinking about parent pick-up and drop-off. I don't want to worry about her not getting the door shut good and then having to pull over in the drop off line to get out and close it all while holding up the other parents. Can you tell I have a little anxiety about this? The only reason though is because I have taken my neighbor's kids to school before and they didn't shut the door good so I had to get out etc... Anyways, power doors solve this problem.

So, some of my favorite features are: heated seats, LOTS o' room, wireless earphones for the DVD player (so we don't have to listen to Tangled or Cars for the millionth time), satellite radio, power doors (including the trunk door which will be oh so valuable when I am loading groceries in at Walmart or Publix), cup holders in the backseat for the kids, rear AC/heat, sunroof/moonroof (always wanted yet never had), a little cooler thing that keeps up to 4 drinks cold, and I am sure I will come up with more once I read the manual. Oh, the back-up camera thing that shows if I am about to hit anything. Would have been great to have when, in the past, I have backed over a stroller, bike, scooter, and trashcan...and the time I backed into the brick mailbox. Yeah, no excuses this time. Although in my defense, those things were left behind my vehicle by OTHER people in the family. Well, the mailbox has always been there, but I just didn't realize how close I was to it. Anyways, moving right along.

Here are some pics of my newest baby. (stock photo because I haven't taken pics yet)

Ollie is her name (Chloe helped name her). And then below is a little video about swagger wagons that I have posted before but is so worth posting again since I now own one and yeah, I am THAT mom... Enjoy.

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