Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Children of all ages.... Welcome to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. The Greatest Show On Earth.
Yes, that intro truly was necessary. It brings such feelings of nostalgia. And...we just heard those words on Saturday afternoon when we took our kids to the circus. It was their first time going and they were... well... (more on that later). Earlier that week, David and I decided that it would be fun to grab tickets and make it a family evening with the show and then dinner in Nashville. And to make it even more fun, we kept it a total surprise until about an hour before we headed down to Nashville.
Now, for how we told them about the surprise... They were sitting on the couch and getting ready to watch a cartoon. I grabbed the camera and hit the record button and began asking if they wanted to know a secret. I was so thrilled in the video that I could hardly contain myself. I mean I built it up HUGE expecting a HUGE reaction. The kids were beside themselves with excitement and when David and I told them we were taking them to the circus, Brody grinned and Chloe did NOTHING!!! I mean to tell you that we could hear crickets chirping, pins dropping, etc... I immediately hit the stop button and quit recording that epic failure and asked if they were not excited. They said yes and then kind of just carried on like a normal day.
I was upset thinking they were ungrateful and too spoiled and that's why they were acting nonchalant. I may or may not have been ready to say "screw it, we are staying home." However, I got over myself and put back on the happy face and carried on with the plans. THANK GOODNESS!!! We all loved it so much! The kids were just in awe the entire time (except when Brody fell asleep - in his defense though he has been sick with a sinus infection for 6 weeks and is on his third antibiotic for it). We fell into the circus trap of buying souvenirs, slushies in those crazy expensive cups, and junk food. However, for their first trip to the circus, we wanted to go all out.
And then, after leaving, having dinner, and getting home, Chloe and I began our nightly ritual of bedtime. I read her a book, a Bible story and her devotional. We prayed and then we began talking. Brace comes the "mommy now feels like sh*t moment." Chloe says, "mommy, do you know why I didn't act excited when you and daddy said we were going to the circus?" I told her no, that I didn't know. She replied, "mommy, I never been to a circus before so I didn't even know what you were talking about. But it really IS the greatest show on earth." And then I felt about as big as an ant. Oh well, lesson learned and a piece of humble pie was eaten.

This is how David tolerated the circus and the men in tights. HAHA!

My favorite part!

Sick little boy getting in a power nap

Chloe's favorite part

Exactly why I think tiger trainers are CRAZY!!! Look at that tiger growling at him.

Brody's favorite part

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