Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Week In Review

This is a post of pure randomness because this week has been CRAZY! So, here we go.

1. I got a call from Chloe's allergist (after waiting for over 2 weeks for him to get back to me) stating that he had received her records and wanted to go over them with me. Apparently, I was told wrong at Vanderbilt two years ago. She has several indoor allergies and no outdoor allergies which explains why seasons don't really matter for her asthma flare-ups - they are completely random. He also said that her previous x-rays were read by the radiologists as consistent with asthma and possibly a walking pneumonia. So I guess his impression 2 weeks ago of Chloe not having asthma or allergies was WRONG. Not that I want her to have them, but there is such a thing as mom intuition. Mine has never steered me wrong. She is scheduled for allergy testing in 8 days which will be the blood test that will test for 150 or so allergies.
She is off of her Singulair and Flonase now that she has been off of dairy for 2 weeks. Oh, and speaking of Singulair, here is some interesting information about that little allergy pill that I came across last week. Check out this site: drug recalls. It speaks about the link between neuropsychiatric behaviors and the drug (including suicide) and what really freaked me out was the link between Singulair and Churg-Strauss Syndrome. I will be asking the allergist to test for this in Chloe too as she fits into the first 2 phases of the disease. I know it is very rare, but while they are drawing blood, they may as well rule this out.

"just say no"

2. I have switched my lifestyle to one of Paleo eating now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is a lifestyle change where you cut out all sugars, legumes, grains of all types, processed food, vegetable and partially hydrogenated oils, and dairy. So you may wonder, what am I eating? Healthy foods! The type that they ate in the paleolithic period. Chicken, fish, small amounts of red meat, veggies and some fruits and raw nuts. It's been exactly a week now and I feel amazing...other than the random ridiculous cravings I get. They haven't been horrible, but there have been times I have had to scream "no!" to myself. You eat only when you are hungry instead of the typical 3 meals/2snacks per day. Today, I have only had about 10 bites of a salad, some grapes, and some homemade chicken salad and I am FULL!!! There are differing opinions about Paleo eating but it just makes sense to me. I have read The Primal Blueprint and am currently reading Wheat Belly. These books are enlightening to say the least. Check them out. Several people have asked the difference in this and low-carb diets. The difference is that on Atkins or South Beach you can eat those meal replacement bars or have sugar-free candy etc... Paleo is none of that.

3. The kids left today for gramom's house in Georgia. We won't see them for 7 days and I am S.A.D!! I miss them terribly already and it hasn't even been 1 day yet. David took them down today and I was here alone. The house was incredibly quiet...almost too much so. I did talk to both kids on the phone though tonight and they sounded happy. That was a relief considering that this morning Brody was crying big crocodile tears saying "stay with mommy. mommy come with me." I admit that I cried a little too. Something about saying goodbye to my kids gets me every time.

4. Chloe was promoted again in gymnastics! More on that later in a separate post. She practices now two days each week 2 hours each time...and she is loving it (even the lap running she has to do)

5. I had MOPS this past Friday which was great. The speaker this month was actually our mentor moms and their husbands. It was a panel type thing where questions were asked and each couple took turns answering. One question I about laughed myself silly at was, "Thinking back to when your children were young, how did you keep your romance alive and what advice to you have for us?" One of the MEN on the panel piped up and said, "Don't rule out the 2 AM time-frame for romance!" I seriously about fell out of my seat at these prim and proper guys in khakis and button ups answering so quickly. It was great!

6. Friday night I went to a women's conference titled Momentum at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville. It was really good. The speaker was Lisa Harper and she spoke on the compassion of Jesus siting passages from the gospels of Mark and Luke. I went down with 2 other gals and then we met our pastor's wife down there and another girl. We had a blast but would it be wrong to say that the fellowship time with these other ladies may have been my favorite part. Dinner was a blast at Mimi's Cafe and the conversation was hysterical thanks to Kristin.

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