Saturday, February 18, 2012

Incredible Week

Ah, home sweet home. Let me back up though... I love traveling! I am not sure what it is about packing up a suitcase, and staying in a hotel, but I LOVE IT! I adore exploring new cities, eating new food, sight-seeing, browsing around, etc... It's a thrill and a great way to make memories. This year, our Chick-fil-A seminar was held in Orlando, Florida. We have had seminar there several times before, and I had been a few times as a child, but it was different this year. We stayed in this hotel:

It was beautiful! Situated on a golf course and having 5 pools qualified it as a resort in my book. And the best part was that our room overlooked all of it.

Anyways, this year's seminar was focused on developing High Performance Leadership Teams (HPLT's). As always, I could apply this to my job as a mom. Instead of micro-managing the kids in their chores, or just doing them myself because I know I will do it right, I need to trust them more and give them more responsibility. Allow them to make mistakes and then teach them the right way. Of course, this was EXTREMELY interesting from the business stand point but that was something that I thought was great to apply to my life.
As for entertainment, we had a concert by Martina McBride, Melinda Doolittle (former American Idol contestant), the winners from seasons of America's Got Talent, and some other reality show (can't remember the group names), and the little pianist/genius Ethan. We also had lots of other fun entertainment and ran into the former wrestler, Sting, while there. Outside of that, we spent one afternoon at Universal Studios - Harry Potter ride was AMAZING!!! All in all, a great seminar. Just tiring because we were up everyday at 6 and not in bed until close to midnight each night.
On Wednesday afternoon, seminar ended but we extended our trip as always to hang out with our friends who own CFA's in Brentwood, Franklin, Hermitage, and Cookeville. There are 5 couples and to say we have fun is the understatement of the year. So, on Wednesday evening, we went to Downtown Disney to shop around a little, had dinner, and then called it an early evening. Thursday was started out with a Segway Tour through the Wilderness Resort. That was great, but not as good as the one we all did last year in San Antonio. Our segways this year didn't go as fast and our tour guides were safety patrol freaks. The only mis-haps that we had was that Kim ran into a tree and Christina couldn't get hers to stop and just kept riding off while saying "oh no oh no oh no!!" It was funny, but no where near as funny as Randy running into a homeless man in a wheelchair last year and getting fussed at by him. THAT was priceless. Anyways, after the tour, we had lunch, shopped and then went to Cirque de Soleil.

Our view from dinner on Thursday night

Top Pic: Kim, Kelly, Christina, Ben, David, Barry, Randy, Joy, Kelley and John
Bottom Left Pic: Ben and Christina (CFA in Cookeville)
Bottom Right Pic:  me and David on the left side

Ben with Sting

Me and David ready to ride!

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