Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Because this is soooo worth telling and remembering, I had to do a post. Last night I was lying down on the couch watching television and Brody wandered into the living room - well past his bedtime. He said he just wanted to "lay down with mommy," and being a sucker for my sweet little man I told him to climb under the blanket with me and I would rub his back. He then noticed my Diet Dr. Pepper and asked if he could have "just 1 sip." Here's how the conversation went...

Brody: Brody want 1 sip of mommy's diet diet pepper (he refers to himself by name A LOT)
Me: No Brody. It's late, you should be in the bed. You can't have any tonight.
Brody: Mommy, sharing is caring. Sharing is caring.
Me: I know Brody but mommy has a sore throat. I care about you so much that I don't want to share my germs with you.
Brody: Jesus says to love one another

And at that point, I handed over the drink because he was being too darn cute. Goodness I love this boy of mine!

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