Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now that She Is FIVE...

So apparently being FIVE changes everything! Chloe no longer NEEDS me for everything, nor much of anything, because she is "so grown" in her own mind. I mean, being able to hold up a whole hand and say "5" when you are asked how old you are is a big deal, but hardly grown per say.
One thing that has changed a bit now is that when she and her BFF Hannah get together to play now, it's no longer a technical play-date. I drop Chloe off at Hannah's house for a few hours, or Aimee drops Hannah at our house. It's good though because the girls get along great and completely love to be together. They actually met 3 years ago at Parent's Day Out and have been in the same class there for 3 years now, they are in the same class at church, gymnastics, and played on the same soccer team last fall. They are 2 little peas in a pod. And Chloe tells me that they have already planned to be cheerleaders in Kindergarten for Hilldale Hoops so I guess that's what they will be doing...hmmm, wonder if Aimee has been informed of this yet :)
Anyways, over Christmas break Chloe was going through some Hannah withdrawals so we had her over to play one day. They were so good! They played everything under the sun and even let Brody join in for a little while. Then a few days later Aimee told me that Hannah was complaining about being bored and wanted to have Chloe over or come back to our house. I am really hoping that she and Hannah remain good friends and are in the same Kindergarten class in the fall. I like knowing her parents. I like that they love Jesus and are instilling Christian teaching into their children. And I feel 100% comfortable with Chloe going to her house. I really do think we are on the same page when it comes to raising our kids.
Anyways, I snapped a picture of the girls with Brody that I couldn't resist sharing.

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