Friday, January 27, 2012

January Almost Over...ALREADY?!?

Where has this month gone? I cannot believe that it is almost February which means it is almost time for David's birthday, our trip to Orlando (sans kids for our CFA Seminar), a celebratory "3 year survivor dinner", and the extra day in our year this wonderful Leap Year. It also means I only have 5 months to complete the first draft of my book and decide which direction of publishing I am going to go with.
Anways, a few nights ago we had a SCARY night of horrible weather, tornado warnings, sirens going off and telling us to get to our "safe place", and crazy amounts of rain and lightening. It was creepy to have this happen in January, but even creepier is that it happened on the 13th anniversary of the tornado that demolished our downtown. People were certainly on edge around here. As for the Blevins, we tuned in to the local weather station, gathered up flashlights, set our weather radio to the right channel, and got on know, just in case everything ELSE failed, someone would certainly give the play by play on facebook. I guess it is good for something. Oh, and I bribed the kids into cleaning up the play room which is downstairs just in case the tornado came close...all their toys would be organized and "safe." I know...horrible mom but hey, it worked. And then, around  midnight, the sirens sounded and this is what we did...

This was taken in the downstairs bathroom on my cell phone hence the poor quality. However, it's Chloe and Brody sleeping on their bean bags and under blankets in the bathtub. Safest place to be, right?!? And I had cushions and pillows on the floor to rest on and throw on top of them in the case of a tornado ripping through our house. EEEK!
Anyways, we survived, all of our friends were fine and the next day the only thing any of us suffered from was lack of sleep. Thank you Lord for your protection. Oh, and Brody did tell me that God could make the storm go away if we prayed and asked. LOVE that boy of mine!

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