Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Elf and ICE

We made our annual trip to ICE on Sunday which again proved to be lots of fun. We headed to Nashville after church and got there just before the crowds showed up. This year's theme was from the movie Merry Madagascar and it was amazing as always. Here are some pics of the event, and then below are the pics of Ernie, our elf on there shelf, and how we have found him recently... The kids are having lots of fun with Ernie and his crazy shenanigans lately.

Everything made of ice!

Of course Brody is touching the ice when they have told everyone to NOT touch the ice. Ha!!!

He loved them!!!!

Check her out...hands up...Wheeeee!!!!

just hanging around...

checking things out from the candle sconce...

playing Brody's game Pirate Pop Up

Drinking the syrup.... silly elf!

Learning a Casting Crowns song on the ukelele...

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