Friday, December 23, 2011

More Adventures of Ernie...our Elf

Ernie has been up to NO GOOD this past week...especially on this day :

He got into my canister of flour and made himself a snow angel. He and my kitchen were a MESS! Chloe and Brody, of course, thought this was hilarious and asked if Ernie was going to be in trouble. And then Chloe said something that gave me the idea for the next night's elf adventure. She said that Ernie was going to have to take a bath since he was so dirty. So...

That is what he did...took  a bath in my sink! 

Ernie has been such a great source of fun for us this year. The kids have loved him and we have equally loved setting everything up to surprise them each day. Poor Ernie has his last night with us tonight. He leaves each Christmas Eve night to go back to the North Pole not to return again until next December 1st. Stay tuned for his final shenanigan! It should be fun - or funny!

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