Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas decor is almost all up. Just a few outdoor touches left to do and it will be done. This year I decided to do things just a little different with our advent calendar. Last year, the kids took turns opening the doors each day (beginning on Dec. 1) and inside would be a slip of paper with what the activity for the day would be. Some examples are : go to the library and choose Christmas books, make Christmas brownies, give canned food to the food bank, etc... So this year we are doing the same thing, HOWEVER, in each box is also a little "surprise" that goes along with a Bible story. For example, the first day each kid had a quarter in the box which represented 25 days left until Christmas and the story was about the poor widow who gave her only 2 coins and how Jesus blessed her for giving all that she had. They will give their quarters for offering at church on Sunday. Then on day 2 they each had a grape sweet-tart and the story that went along with it was of Jesus' first miracle turning the water to wine. I changed it up just a tad to grape juice so they would get the correlation between their grape candy and the miracle. Chloe was really surprised that Jesus was invited to a wedding. HA! I think that may have amazed her more than the actual miracle. Anyways, I am excited to do this with them each day and be able to correlate it with scripture. There truly are ways to ALWAYS tie in Christ with everyday things.
Anyways, here are some pics... oh, and before I forget, Ernie Elf (our Elf on the Shelf) has arrived again and is working hard. He has come up with some pretty clever hiding places each day which have left the kids in awe. He is quite the silly elf according to Chloe.

Dining room table

Chloe at the Festival of Nativities - this was a first for us and we really enjoyed it!

1 of the numerous Nativity Scenes that were on display 

I may totally be making this up, but if I remember right my parents had something that looked similar to this...only it was white. If not, I have no idea where that came from. Anyways, I loved it!

My favorite Nativity Scene ever!

Close up of it

Chloe again - by this point Brody had tried to touch every single set and was crawling under the rope so David took him back to the car while us girls stayed to check it all out...hence the no pictures of Brody there

Ernie Elf (our Elf on the Shelf) showed up on the ceiling fan on Sunday morning!!!

And of course here he is hanging with Barbie. He and Barbie go way back...he probably helped make her back in Santa's workshop before he got promoted to an Elf on the Shelf :)

In the midst of running crazy I captured this sweet boy's picture...I think he has candy in his cheek.

In the hall - I made these - and they look a lot better in person.

Kids' stockings

Team Blevins 4.0 tree 2011

this board is where we will hang Christmas cards this year

The living room in the midst of being decorated

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

I can't wait to do Advent with Adalynn! Elf on the Shelf too! We've downloaded a London inspired advent calendar online that my mentor mom emailed me. I liked your ideas. So crafty Kelly- LOVE it all.