Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was different for our family this year. Generally we spend it together...just the 4 of us in our little family unit enjoying each other. However, a week before Christmas David had a spinal fusion in his neck, Brody got pneumonia and an ear infection, and Chloe got a sinus infection and an asthma flare-up. Needless to say, I was thrilled when The Blevins showed up on Friday afternoon. I was finally able to get a much needed break from medication distribution and breathing treatments galore. 

On Christmas Eve, we were able to share, with my in-laws, the traditions that we have established. We always go to the Christmas Eve service at church followed by a walk along the Riverfront to take in the beautiful light exhibits, and then we had our annual dinner at Wendy's by the River. We started this when Chloe was 1 so it's definitely a tradition now. This year I only got two pictures before my camera battery died. Then when we got home, we made cookies for Santa, sprinkled the Reindeer Food in the front yard, and checked the Santa Radar a few times. The first time I asked Chloe where she thought Santa was and she said, "I'm pretty sure he is in Bethlehem!" Then her second response when we checked again was, "mommy I think he is in Afghanistan now." I personally think she has heard me talking about Jesus's birth and Uncle Jordan's job. HAHA!

Pose by the lights...hats, gloves, coats all on

Then Christmas morning came with joy, laughter, and excitement as the kids woke up at 7 ready to see if Santa had stopped by our house. I LOVE this age for Santa! The wonder of it all is so much fun. So, battery fully charged and ready to go, here is how the rest of the day went down...

Barbie Dream House, baby bunk beds, LeapPad - each year the kids get 3 Santa gifts

Transformer Fire House

Awesome Construction Set with Remote Control Dump Truck

 LeapPad for Brody too!

First look...

Super excited over electric toothbrush

Same for Chloe...

Playing his "kids iPad"

Opening up his game

Slushie maker from Granny

BatMan car

Looking a little overwhelmed I think

Taking his time...

Serious expression


David's 91 year old grandmother. Isn't she cute?

Marble Racer from Grammy and Op-Op (my parents)

Brody mixing up the birthday cake for Jesus. The helmet is new and it stayed on all day long!

Decorated and ready to eat

Putting on the finishing touches.

I loved having extended family here this year and we decided that having family here needs to be included into our tradition. The kids loved it as well and after all, is there any better way to spend the holidays?!? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Blevins!!!

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