Saturday, November 5, 2011

Race for the Cure 2011

Team Blevins 4.0 set out again this year to participate in our 3rd annual Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. The first year we walked, I was still getting chemo, the second year I was in the midst of reconstruction, and this year back to getting a form of chemo. Hopefully, if we do it again next year, I will be done with all treatments and healthy as ever.
I would love to sit here and say it was an awesome and spectacular day, but I would be lying. So, here's the truth of the matter. It was depressing. I cried nearly the whole day, and vowed to not put myself through that again. It was just seeing all of the "in memory of...." signs, the huge poster boards with women's faces on them who had not "won the war," the incessant questions from Chloe about heaven and Kate (which normally don't bother me), and the list could go on.
At the beginning of the walk, all of the survivors line up in accordance with how long they have been cancer-free/a survivor. There are signs indicating 1 year all the way up to 25 years. As I lined up, I looked back and just wondered if I would ever see 25 years because from my view point, I was a LONG way from there. I was at the 2 year mark...closer to me though was the 5 year sign. This is the one you pray you make it to because the five year mark is when you are deemed "cured." Even it seemed far off though.
Anyways...enough of the re-living...all of that to just say, here are the pictures from this year's Race. Enjoy.


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