Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween around here was loads of fun! It started on the Thursday before Halloween with both kids dressing up for their class parties at Parent's Day Out. Brody chose to be a fireman this year and Chloe chose to be a fairy princess. They both were ADORABLE!
Brody really enjoyed this Halloween as it's the first one he really understood - as in got all excited about dressing up, understood what to say at each house, and how exciting it was to get candy. He was totally into it. He even slept in his Halloween costume a few days before the big day, and then after being out trick-or-treating, he took his bath and put his costume back on to sleep in again. So sweet!
Chloe was a princess...what more can I really say? She was cute, sweet, and had a great time going through our neighborhood.
Oh, and the day before Halloween, we went to a fall festival at Living Hope Baptist Church right by our house. This is where Chloe goes to Awana... The church had it all set up with a concert, bouncy houses, train rides, free popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, and candy bags, and amazing people to run the whole thing. Chloe was especially excited to see some of her Awana friends there and her Awana teacher. This was a great night and we are so glad that we took the kids!

getting ready to go see our friends Ms Annie and Ms Shirley

Kids with Ms Shirley. She and her friend Ms Annie (91 yrs old) are LOYAL
 customers of ours at Chick-fil-A. We have formed a wonderful relationship
with them and consider them family. They wanted to see the kids all dressed
up so I took the kids over to see each of them before we went through 
our neighborhood. So much fun!!!!

Check out this loot!

And he didn't come up too shabby either!

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