Sunday, November 27, 2011

Annual Girls' Trip

This was mine and Chloe's third annual trip to Opryland Hotel in Nashville to take in the sights and sounds of Christmas. Each year we stay 1-2 nights in the hotel, go exploring all of the Christmas decor, see the Rockettes, and go to ICE. This year was only slightly different. My mom was able to be here to enjoy the time with us on our girls' trip. It was such a nice time and I loved spending it with my mom there too. The only thing we decided not to do was go to ICE. We are going to go back to the hotel with David and Brody because I know they will enjoy that exhibit as much as we will this year.
Here are some pictures of our trip...

Grammy and Chloe looking into the hotel from our balcony

say cheese!

Chloe in front of the ginormous tree

 Chloe looking at the tree exhibits

Train conductor Chloe

Enjoying a Coke in the 50's themed diner

Chloe loved this USA tree...she said it reminded her of Uncle Jordan

Watched the Shrektacular show - very cute

The lights in the Cascades section of the hotel

Cascades fountains - one of Chloe's favorite parts to look at

Waiting in line at the Rockettes

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