Sunday, November 27, 2011

Annual Girls' Trip

This was mine and Chloe's third annual trip to Opryland Hotel in Nashville to take in the sights and sounds of Christmas. Each year we stay 1-2 nights in the hotel, go exploring all of the Christmas decor, see the Rockettes, and go to ICE. This year was only slightly different. My mom was able to be here to enjoy the time with us on our girls' trip. It was such a nice time and I loved spending it with my mom there too. The only thing we decided not to do was go to ICE. We are going to go back to the hotel with David and Brody because I know they will enjoy that exhibit as much as we will this year.
Here are some pictures of our trip...

Grammy and Chloe looking into the hotel from our balcony

say cheese!

Chloe in front of the ginormous tree

 Chloe looking at the tree exhibits

Train conductor Chloe

Enjoying a Coke in the 50's themed diner

Chloe loved this USA tree...she said it reminded her of Uncle Jordan

Watched the Shrektacular show - very cute

The lights in the Cascades section of the hotel

Cascades fountains - one of Chloe's favorite parts to look at

Waiting in line at the Rockettes

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a Little Late

Chloe chose to have her 5th birthday party at Clarksville Elite Gymnastics. This is where she takes classes and honestly, it is the best place in Clarksville (in my opinion). We've tried other places, but this one is just the perfect fit for us.
So, last Saturday, Chloe along with 9 of her closest friends gathered at CE and partied with Coach Olivia. It was SO MUCH FUN! Several of the parents commented that it was the best birthday party they had been to as the kids were totally occupied the whole time and it was just an EASY party.

Here are some pictures to scroll through of my baby girl (she will always be my baby), her sweet brother, and her great friends!

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Swinging quite high

Brody taking a large leap

Chloe with her best friend Hannah

Kirk's turn to swing

Aiden and Braxton taking turns jumping and climbing

Strawberry Shortcake

Make a wish!

Zoe, Chloe and Hannah

Upside down Chloe

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Letter to Chloe (with some pictures)

Sweet Chloe,
Today you are 5, or as you like to say, you are a "whole hand" while you hold up all 5 fingers. I cannot believe it! Where have the past 5 years gone? It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from the hospital with you and I was thinking "oh no, what do I do now?" I was scared to death even though I had been a pediatric ICU nurse before having you. I learned that everything is different when it comes to having your own child. My heart grew bigger than I could have ever imagined and it melted every single time I looked into your eyes.
You are such a little lady now. You absolutely LOVE fashion and all things to do with it including purses, jewelry, shoes, tights, etc... Dressing up to go anywhere is one of your favorite things and you will stare into your closet until you find JUST what you want to wear. It never fails either that you come out looking super adorable, but then again, you are adorable regardless!
You also have an athletic side to you. You just ended your second soccer season and scored 19 or 20 goals in just 6 games and blocked numerous goal attempts by the other team. You dribble the ball down the field beautifully and you love playing. My favorite thing this season was that every time you scored you would look at me on the sidelines and give a thumbs up. I LOVED doing this with you! are also a little natural at gymnastics. You have been taking for just 3 months and you have already been asked to join the pre-competition team by two different instructors. I love watching you do cartwheels, jump on the balance beam, and flip over the bars. You are really improving each week and I am so proud of you.
You also LOVE to learn. About 3-4 nights each week we sit down and do "homework" out of a Kindergarten curriculum, yet you are just in Pre-K. You are just so smart, and meticulous when it comes to school work. You told me that when you finish the Kindegarten book that you want to go on and do the 1st grade book because you already knew how to. Aaah, you are studious, just like I was. I loved to school and learning and I hope that you will continue to also!!!

All of these things make me happy and proud, but do you know what makes mommy the most proud of you??? It's the fact that you LOVE Jesus and have a heart that hungers for Him. I love when you ask me questions about Jesus, God, Heaven, etc... When you asked me about being born again, I nearly exploded with joy. God is drawing you to Him and it is my prayer that you will become a follower of Christ early on and really learn to live life with full dependence on Him. He is all that you will ever need Chloe and I can promise you that He will NEVER let you down. You just place your trust in Him and everything else in your life will fall into place. He is all that matters!

Chloe, you have been a complete joy over the past 5 years and I am so grateful that God chose me to be your mommy. You have blessed my life in more ways than you will ever realize. If I could keep you this age forever, I would! Really, I would. However, since that is not an option, I will look forward to watching you grow over this next year physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Happy 5th birthday sweet girl! I love you to the moon, sun, stars, planets and back to the earth!!!

1 day old

5 years old!

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2006

Guess what I was up to FIVE years ago today!!!


That's right. Five years ago today I was at Gateway Medical Center in labor with my first baby and dying to meet her! It was not only my due date, but my induction date also! However, when I went in for my induction, I was already contracting every 2-3 minutes (I had no clue) so they admitted me but didn't start any meds. After 12 hours of this and only getting to 4cm, the doctor decided to go forth with Pitocen and speed things up a bit. Chloe had other plans.

Eight hours later, I was still only 4cm, she wasn't dropping at all, but her heart rate was occasionally. That was when the decision was made to proceed with a C-Section. So, around midnight I was wheeled into the OR, scared yet excited....nervous yet peaceful, knowing I was about to meet her.

At 12:28 AM on November 15th she was here. Chloe Grace Blevins was welcomed into our world. She was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long. When the doctor delivered her, his exact words were, "I have never seen a baby born with so much hair. WOW!" It was true, my sweet angel had the most beautiful black hair that was already covering her neck. The nurses called her a china doll. We called her our blessing. It would be 3 hours later before I would get to hold her for the first time because of some rapid breathing that she was having. She leveled out though and then barely left our sight for the next 3 days in the hospital.

Five years ago my life changed forever. Five years ago my heart grew exponentially. I cannot believe that my first born will be 5 years old tomorrow (technically in 5 hours. ha!).

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween around here was loads of fun! It started on the Thursday before Halloween with both kids dressing up for their class parties at Parent's Day Out. Brody chose to be a fireman this year and Chloe chose to be a fairy princess. They both were ADORABLE!
Brody really enjoyed this Halloween as it's the first one he really understood - as in got all excited about dressing up, understood what to say at each house, and how exciting it was to get candy. He was totally into it. He even slept in his Halloween costume a few days before the big day, and then after being out trick-or-treating, he took his bath and put his costume back on to sleep in again. So sweet!
Chloe was a princess...what more can I really say? She was cute, sweet, and had a great time going through our neighborhood.
Oh, and the day before Halloween, we went to a fall festival at Living Hope Baptist Church right by our house. This is where Chloe goes to Awana... The church had it all set up with a concert, bouncy houses, train rides, free popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, and candy bags, and amazing people to run the whole thing. Chloe was especially excited to see some of her Awana friends there and her Awana teacher. This was a great night and we are so glad that we took the kids!

getting ready to go see our friends Ms Annie and Ms Shirley

Kids with Ms Shirley. She and her friend Ms Annie (91 yrs old) are LOYAL
 customers of ours at Chick-fil-A. We have formed a wonderful relationship
with them and consider them family. They wanted to see the kids all dressed
up so I took the kids over to see each of them before we went through 
our neighborhood. So much fun!!!!

Check out this loot!

And he didn't come up too shabby either!

Race for the Cure 2011

Team Blevins 4.0 set out again this year to participate in our 3rd annual Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. The first year we walked, I was still getting chemo, the second year I was in the midst of reconstruction, and this year back to getting a form of chemo. Hopefully, if we do it again next year, I will be done with all treatments and healthy as ever.
I would love to sit here and say it was an awesome and spectacular day, but I would be lying. So, here's the truth of the matter. It was depressing. I cried nearly the whole day, and vowed to not put myself through that again. It was just seeing all of the "in memory of...." signs, the huge poster boards with women's faces on them who had not "won the war," the incessant questions from Chloe about heaven and Kate (which normally don't bother me), and the list could go on.
At the beginning of the walk, all of the survivors line up in accordance with how long they have been cancer-free/a survivor. There are signs indicating 1 year all the way up to 25 years. As I lined up, I looked back and just wondered if I would ever see 25 years because from my view point, I was a LONG way from there. I was at the 2 year mark...closer to me though was the 5 year sign. This is the one you pray you make it to because the five year mark is when you are deemed "cured." Even it seemed far off though.
Anyways...enough of the re-living...all of that to just say, here are the pictures from this year's Race. Enjoy.