Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer Saturdays!

Fall soccer season has started back and I am one proud soccer mom! Chloe has really improved since the spring season as in the tune of scoring 7 goals in just 2 games. She can dribble the ball like a pro, she can block the other team from scoring (at this age there are no goalies as it's just 3 on 3), she can drive it into the goal and she can smile like a super proud player! She and I have a thing where when she does something awesome she will look over at me and we give each other a thumbs up. 
Here are some pics of Chloe in action. Oh, her team this season is called The Ladybugs! CUTE!

the whistle had blown signaling end of the first half

Kicking the ball off

Chloe's best friend Hannah getting ready to kick 

In action!!!!

Ready to start another quarter

Good game- especially since she scored 1/2 the points.

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