Saturday, October 1, 2011


The female version of NOAH - as in Noah and the Ark!

Chloe attends AWANA at a local church very close to our home since our church home doesn't have this program. I remember going to AWANA when I was a child so I was thrilled when she showed a major interest in it and begs to go back every single week. Each week they have a theme and the kids are supposed to dress up in whatever the theme is to earn AWANA bucks which can be spent in the AWANA store at the end of the semester. They have had wild hair night, rainbow colors night, crazy hat night, and Bible Hero night. She came up with being Noah all on her own and I have to say that she rocked the look. I even made her costume...ok, don't look at it too closely. I just cut holes for the head and arms and used fabric glue so the edges wouldn't ravel around the bottom. So sewing skills here!

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