Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check Them All Out

Lots of new posts finally done and posted. Check them all out as there are some pretty cute pics and details of some traveling we've done.

Put This on Your TO DO List...

I was going back through my blog posts and came across a tag that I participated in.  Here are the answers to the phrases 3 years ago. It's amazing how life changes your perspective... below are my answers to the same phrases today. 
If you read this blog, then do the same. Answer these phrases and then re-answer them yearly. Watch how things change...

I search: for my keys nearly every day...not kidding when I tell you that chemo-brain is a for real thing!
I regret: not much of anything - I am who I am today because of everything that has happened in my life
I love: when Chloe tells me I am her best friend, Brody tells me I am his favorite mom (as if he has another one), and when they ask questions about Jesus because I know they are beginning to want to know about who our Savior is and it will hopefully only grow from here
I care: because I am passionate about the things I believe in
I always: check my email
I worry: about Chloe going to Kindergarten next year because she will be in a whole new circle of influence. I would love to put her in a bubble FOREVER.
I am not: afraid. of anything. Perfect Love casts out fear. I'm living proof!
I remember: Kate - especially this time of year...
I believe: in heaven and that the way to get there is by trusting and believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior.
I sing: Praise and Worship music in my car and the Bubble Guppies theme song...A LOT
I dance: the perfect Just Dance 2 version of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
I don't always: take the dog out because I have human beings to take care of first. 
I argue: about things that I am passionate about.
I write: what I know...I'm writing a book be published sooner rather than later...
I win: every single day that I am alive and healthy
I lose: my mind at least once/day, but usually more because Brody has hit the terrible stage of being 3 years old. Help me Jesus!
I wish: that the innocence of childhood with stay with my children forever
I listen: when God speaks

I don't understand: how anyone can get through life without Christ
 I can usually be found: in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc... It's never-ending
I am scared: of getting to the end of my life and realizing that I could have done more for the Lord...the harvest is plenty but the workers are few...
I need: some me-time...every day...
I forget: um, I can't remember...chemo brain...true phenomenon :)
I am happy: with my life. I love my husband, my kids, and Jesus. Not much else this gal could ask for...

Play along and answer these phrases too. But if you do, you have to be authentic...even if it does mean you forget to take your dog out and your 3 year old is driving you crazy :)

Sleepless In Seattle...not really

Over Fall Break (as if either of my kids need one being preschoolers and all) we ventured up to visit my younger brother, Jordan, SIL Kim, and their baby Adalynn - who Brody has loving started calling "Adal-poo". This was a bittersweet trip for many reasons but most of all because it's the last time I will have to spend with Jordan until after he gets home from deployment. He leaves for Afghanistan in a few short months for a 12 month deployment.

Other than that though, it was a bittersweet trip because:

A. I LOVE my family! Not kidding when I say this, I have got to have the 2 best sisters-in-law hands down. I couldn't have chosen better for either of my brothers. They are the sisters that I never had growing up and I am thankful for them. So, I already miss Kim too! She is certainly the "hostess with the mostest!" No really, she is. And, she is responsible for my new obsession with the VitaMix. Thank you Kim for that nearly $400 obsession :) We are both "juice making moms" yet I have been on a different type of juice fast lately...the kind that means I am fasting from even making the juice. Eeek! I HATE my juicer because it's so dang time consuming and difficult - but now, having met Mr. VitaMix, I hate my juicer even more! It's for sure on my list of MUST-HAVE's.
THE Vitamix! Soon to be my third child :)

B. I miss my sweet sweet niece Adalynn. I mean I really miss that baby! She has got to be the most happy, laid back, content 12 month old I have ever seen (although Brody was super content as a baby). Chloe and I visited them when Adalynn was 4 months old so there is no memory of us at all, however...when she saw Chloe, it was like her BFF was back in town. Those two were inseperable. It was cute to watch them interact. Brody even joined in on the fun but he has made it clear that he is "mommy's baby" and he does NOT want another baby. I think he even got a little jealous at times of Chloe and Adalynn playing together as he had to vie for his big sis's attention. However, he was sweet with Adalynn and as soon as we headed back to the airport, he was talking about missing his "Adal-poo."

Adalynn- 4 months old and Chloe with matching bows

Adalynn 12 months old with Chloe 
Chloe was excited...she picked out matching Halloween jammas for her and A

C. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Seattle, Dupont (the town they actually live in) and Olympia. Seattle is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! Not sure why I never did a travel nurse assignment at Seattle Children's while I was still singe and working, but maybe it's because I would have NEVER wanted to leave. No really. The Public Market is heaven on earth. Not kidding. I have never in my life seen such beautiful fresh produce, vibrant (and cheap) flowers, and an array of all sorts of food (and people) gathered in one place.

These flowers at a florist at least $50, here at the market, $10

Pike Place was's the fish throwing market. I think I liked this more than the kids did and had I been there without them, I may have even tried my hand at the fish toss/catch. Or at least I like to think I may have...I'm not really keen on touching big huge dead fish. Anyways...
After the Public Market, we headed to Seattle Children's Museum where we spent a few hours letting the kids play and explore. Again, a GREAT place!

On to Dupont. Let's just say this is the best life-style community. I would love to live in a community like this. It's small, has it's own post office, school, library, Starbucks (duh), restaurants, and pretty much everything else you can think of...all within walking distance. It really is it's own little community. Lots of parks and running trails, and just super quaint.

And finally Olympia - the capitol. I LOVE downtown Olympia! It's adorable. We walked around there one day, hit up an upscale baby consignment shop, had lunch at my favorite little deli again (best tomato basil soup), and enjoyed the cool rainy day.

 All in all, a perfect trip with great family, amazing cities, and perfect memories made...except I, well really Brody, may have scared Jordan a little when he saw how terrible the THREES (not the twos) really are. He's already prepping himself for when Adalynn turns 3 :)

Ladies of Legacy 2011

** wrote this a month ago and forgot to post**
This was my second annual Ladies of Legacy retreat in Gatlinburg. Briefly, this group was started 11 years ago when 4 of the gals decided they needed a break from life and took a short weekend trip to relax and come back refreshed. Over the past 11 years, the group has grown from 4 to 29. This year was the largest group. We stay in a huge cabin nestled in the mountains and generally we have one roommate. Of course we come from all over the place so generally the Clarksville Crew grabs the bottom floor of the cabin while the Nashville Natives get the top floor. The middle level is the living area where we spend most of our time. This year was awesome as there were a bunch of new gals and a new way of doing things. The only things that are mandatory and scheduled are the Saturday morning session which always goes along with our theme...this year it was Leaving a Legacy of Grace. And then we are free until the evening session which are can choose 1 of 3 different themes to sit in on. This year I chose Living in Joy. After that session, we have a time of worship and then we bust loose. This year I even took on the challenge of doing Just Dance 2 on the Wii and am proud to report that one of the gals told me she had never seen anyone do it so perfect! Of course it was my fave song that I had only done a million times before but whatever! We stay up late that night and just have fun. Then on Sunday we have breakfast together and communion before we all leave and go our seperate ways home.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. If you are interested in going next year, please let me know. I would love to bring a new person with me!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween and Fall Decor

This year I have really gotten into decorating for the fall and Halloween. Thanks to Pinterest, I have made a few crafts myself and check this out...someone told me I should post a pic on FB and start selling my crafts. HA! Stranger things have happened I guess because I so don't consider myself to be crafty enough to sell. Anyways, here are the home be the judge.

Pumpkins and Thanksgiving things in front of fireplace

Candy Corn made from foam cones in the floral dept and yarn

Halloween wreath I made using ribbon, a shiny spider from
 the $ store, and a straw wreath. This was super fun to  make. 

Lights on the and purple. So pretty at night

The kids always do the window gels for each holiday
 so that's what this is. May have to look close to see them

Table runner on kitchen table. The little tree has now been 
decorated by Chloe with bats, ghosts, and pumpkins

And finally, this has nothing to do with Halloween, but with it being 
football season, it is for sure a must have on this blog.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Check Them Out

Lots of new posts done today so scroll on down and read them. Fun pictures on them all.

A Lotta Late...

I documented all of David's trip to Ethiopia earlier via Ordinary Hero's website, but I wanted to just share a few more pics of the "coming and going" of the trip.

YAY!!! Daddy is back home! We missed you!

We had a LONG wait at the airport as their flight was delayed twice so the kids made themselves at home. Brody took his shoes off and danced like crazy. In true Nashville fashion, there was a country music artist at one of the waiting areas singing for several hours.

Chloe, Cross and Mercy all waiting for their daddies. Mercy and Cross are siblings. My friend Kelly adopted her from Ethiopia 6 months ago. Isn't she the cutest?!?

David's "checked luggage" pile. Each person who went was to pack 2- 50 pound totes full of supplies and things to leave in Ethiopia,

This tiny little bag was for his carry on and personal items. We actually got all of that stuff packed in that little tiny bag and a backpack. Can you believe it?!?

Soccer Saturdays!

Fall soccer season has started back and I am one proud soccer mom! Chloe has really improved since the spring season as in the tune of scoring 7 goals in just 2 games. She can dribble the ball like a pro, she can block the other team from scoring (at this age there are no goalies as it's just 3 on 3), she can drive it into the goal and she can smile like a super proud player! She and I have a thing where when she does something awesome she will look over at me and we give each other a thumbs up. 
Here are some pics of Chloe in action. Oh, her team this season is called The Ladybugs! CUTE!

the whistle had blown signaling end of the first half

Kicking the ball off

Chloe's best friend Hannah getting ready to kick 

In action!!!!

Ready to start another quarter

Good game- especially since she scored 1/2 the points.


The female version of NOAH - as in Noah and the Ark!

Chloe attends AWANA at a local church very close to our home since our church home doesn't have this program. I remember going to AWANA when I was a child so I was thrilled when she showed a major interest in it and begs to go back every single week. Each week they have a theme and the kids are supposed to dress up in whatever the theme is to earn AWANA bucks which can be spent in the AWANA store at the end of the semester. They have had wild hair night, rainbow colors night, crazy hat night, and Bible Hero night. She came up with being Noah all on her own and I have to say that she rocked the look. I even made her costume...ok, don't look at it too closely. I just cut holes for the head and arms and used fabric glue so the edges wouldn't ravel around the bottom. So sewing skills here!