Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years

I know exactly what I was doing 10 years ago today. I had been working the night shift as a nurse at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. I was exhausted, and trying to fall asleep so that I could get up and work another 12 hour night shift later. The TV was on and as I was drifting off to sleep a breaking news segment came on. I remember it was on NBC and I heard that a plane had crashed into the WTC. I sat straight up in the bed and thought to myself that it had to have been a freak accident as it was the most beautiful day with perfectly blue clouds. I remember the emotion being more of a "wow, that is horrible...those poor people and families!" AND THEN...another plane hit the second tower and the report came across that another was heading towards the Pentagon and a fourth towards the White House. And then I remember hearing the words, "The United States in under attack." I was shaken. Shaken to the core. I could not believe what I was seeing on TV. It just seemed like something out of the movies. Was this really happening in America?
The emotion today has been one of sadness, pride, gratitude, sorrow, and grief. The sadness came when I turned on the TV while getting ready for church this morning and saw numerous family members of those killed in the attacks giving speeches and paying tribute to their lost loved ones. The sorrow came at realizing that most children who are under 13 or 14 years old will never remember the US not being at war...that some of those children have daddies who died on that day in order to save other people. The grief comes mostly because I live in a military town who has seen great loss over the past 10 years. BUT then, pride enters the spectrum of emotion. I am proud of my country! I am proud of our military! I am proud of the way George W Bush handled the tragedy that day and the days/years afterwards. I am crazy proud to have a brother in the Army and a cousin in the Marines who have given up so much in order to ensure the freedom of everyone in this country. And finally I am grateful. Grateful for every person who is in public service...especially our wonderful military, policemen, firemen, and emergency service workers. I am grateful that when our country was being attacked, that America came together and laid personal differences aside in order to help each other out demonstrating true selflessness.
And lastly, a very special thank you to my brother Jordan, cousin Steven, and all our ARMY friends here at Fort Campbell for your willingness to be away from your personal comforts of home so that my family can have and enjoy the personal comforts of ours. Team Blevins loves and truly appreciates every one of you!

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