Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wish...

I wish:
** that the 90 degree days would go away! I'm tired of sweating to death 24/7.
** that our Parent's Day Out started when all the others did and NOT wait til after Labor Day
** that I didn't have lymphedema
** that I loved kale since it is such an amazingly healthy green
** that my dog would just calm down...he's 6.5 years old!!!
** for my kids to always love going to church...specifically AWANA! They absolutely get giddy when it's time to go to AWANA every Wednesday night
** that the 3 year old attitude had not hit Brody
** for a cure for all cancers
** for my friends who are hurting to have healed and happy hearts
** for another baby one day
** for no more hot flashes!
** to be used by God to help further His Kingdom in a big ol' way
** for uninterrupted sleep at night (aka - KIDS, STAY IN YOUR OWN BEDS!)
** for safe travels for David and the mission team as they leave for Ethiopia in just 4 days, and that many many lives would be changed for Christ!!!!!! (I have high hopes for this one)

So, do your own post and tell me what you wish...can't wait to read them!

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