Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Photo Session

All I can say is Heather Bro Photography is THE BEST!!!! Great pictures, great pricing, easy to work with, and amazing with the kids. Check out the summer pics of Chloe and Brody (including some with Grammy and parents). And then click on this link Heather Bro Photography and schedule a session immediately! Last year she did our fall pictures at the pumpkin patch and an old barn that had a huge tree with a tire swing by it and they also turned out awesome! Now is the perfect time to start scheduling for a photo shoot in the fall. ok, enough babbling. Enjoy the pix!

Downtown Clarksville


Toss them in...

Happy happy kids

Brody with his Op-Op

Chloe was having a conversation with Op-Op as they strolled through town

So sweet how Brody is hanging onto Op-Op's finger

Love this sweet girl!!!

Brody checking out the Roxy schedule for 2012

Just exploring

Checking out the bird in the tree...

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Emily Doss said...

I love them! She does an awesome job. We were able to get her to take pics at Manny's first birthday party in Clarksville. I love having pics with the grandparents!!!