Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Sweet Brody Has Morphed Into...

someone I barely recognize on some days...namely today. He has begun back-talking, telling me "no" at every turn, wanting to do everything himself and taking no help from anyone. He refuses some nights to sleep in pajamas and most nights will not sleep unless he also has on his flip flops and baseball cap. He is so stubborn and hard headed, but I guess he gets some of that from me. It is soooo hard to remember that this is just a stage that we will get through. Got through it once before with Chloe so I know we can survive one more.
It just takes a whole lot more work to discipline and shepherd a child instead of just letting things go or allowing them to get by with it "just this time." There have been times when I have wanted to just sit on my toosh and not move while the kids disobeyed or were ugly to me or acting out.  Seriously it would have been nice to just tune it out and keep my seat (and there have been several times I have been lazy like that). However, I KNOW better than that. I know that doing that repeatedly would end up costing me and them in the long run. I want them to be productive, responsible citizens who are respectful and have integrity and love Jesus on top of all of that.

**update...4 hours after I wrote this post...** I was putting Brody to bed and this is how his prayer went (all of it said with NO prompting from me at all) "Desus, tank you for mommy and daddy and CJ and YMCA and school and tractors and Donald (his little baby doll) and my trains and my bubble lawn mowder. I be good boy morrow. I wuv you Desus. AMEN!"
And that makes a mama's heart smile and makes it worth trying all over again every day. Parenting is quite possibly the hardest job I have ever had but by far the most rewarding!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Aw, Kelly I really enjoyed this read. I know J told you that we're popping a little hand sometimes:(