Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Brody,

Happy Birthday to you sweet boy! You are the big THREE years old today which leaves me sitting here shaking my head and wondering just where the past 3 years have gone? I distinctly remember the fear and excitement that I had on this very morning as I was awaiting the scheduled time that I would get to meet you. You were a late morning c-section, but the contractions started and you were telling me that you were not going to hang out much longer...that you had a world to explore and a family to meet.
You have grown and changed so much in the past 3 years. Physically, you went from 20 inches to 39 inches. From 8 pounds to 32 pounds. From a little bit of hair, to bald, to blonde, and now sandy blonde hair. You went from throwing up every single feeding (thank you pyloric stenosis) to chowing down at every single meal and always wanting more. You have had 3 surgeries in your 3 years of life and I pray that that is the end of that road for you. You have gone from wearing only teeny tiny newborn socks to a size 9 shoe. You still are in a 24 month size for shorts (with the waist band adjusted in as much as possible), a 3T pant (because you are SO tall) and again with the waist band as tight as possible. You wear a 2T shirt in most brands but a few 3T fit you perfectly. Your favorite shoes are flip flops and your crocs. And you insist on wearing your hat everywhere we go...even to church. You hate shirts with collars and will pitch a pure fit about wearing them, but boy do you look so handsome in them, and you don't want to wear anything other than "gym shorts."
This year you learned your alphabet, lots of new and fun songs, how to count to 20, all of your colors, how to spell your name, how to potty, and how to live without a passy. You had your first visit to the dentist and finally were able to sit through a whole haircut without crying.  You also finally made the switch to a toddler bed although that was more mommy and daddy's idea. You were perfectly content in your crib and had never even tried to climb out. A few of your favorite things are tractors, lawn mowers, fire trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, Toy Story, Cars, bubbles, swords and guns (I thought I could keep these from you but I have decided that these desires are in a boy's DNA). You also like to play house with your sister though and your baby doll "Donald" is always there with you. You also love your little stuffed doggy and your beanie baby bear that we got for you in Texas. Your favorite cartoons are Wow Wow Wubbzy and Caillou. Your favorite food is a fruit snack (which for future reference isn't really a fruit at all and maybe doesn't even qualify as food). Your favorite color is blue.
As a baby you were certainly laid back, relaxed, and happy all of the time. As you have approached 3 though, you have become more vocal with your wants and opinions. You have  an intense desire to do everything all by yourself and you want everything to be just so. You are certainly passionate about most things in life! I prayed when you were a baby that the Lord would just ignite a fire in you and your sister and that you guys would be crazy in love with Jesus and would change the world for Him. Little did I know that the passion has to start somehow...even if it's being passionate about not wearing a collared shirt to church. HA!

Brody, I love you so much. You make this mommy's heart swell with pride and joy every day. My prayer for you, in this next year of life is that you would have a teachable spirit, that you would soak in more of Jesus, that you would be heatlhy this year, and full of joy.
I love you son!

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