Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So this is a BIG week of gratefulness for Team Blevins 4.0
Here's the rundown:

August 17 - celebrate the TWO year date of completing my chemo!!! Cannot believe it's been 2 years already and...my hair is still curly as ever! I was told that the curl would only stay in for 2 years. WOO-HOO!!!
August 18 - Brody turns THREE I cannot believe my baby is already turning 3. Where have the years gone? I could squeeze and kiss his sweet cheeks all day long..and some days I may have done that :)
August 21 - David and I celebrate SEVEN years of marriage! Thank you Lord for protecting our marriage over the past seven years. It's pretty impossible to imagine on your wedding day that you could ever love your spouse more than you do on that very day, but as life takes shape and happens, you find that love either grows or withers. Ours has grown...sometimes with growing pains, but it has grown nonetheless. And for that, I am thankful.

We owe it all to God and give Him all of the glory for growing our family, and providing a way for Team Blevins to run the race in the crazy thing called life.

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