Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday for Brody...part 2

Here are some pictures to highlight Brody's third birthday. It was literally the best birthday that we have done to date. No stress, no party, only the 4 of us, and it was perfect!
As I said in my letter in the previous post, Brody is obsessed with tractors so we started the day off by taking him to the John Deere store. We were able to let him climb on, pretend drive, and touch every single thing he wanted to. He was in heaven! I think we stayed there over an hour!

So this was his birthday shirt...however, it only stayed on long enough for
 this picture. He insisted on wearing Captain America and who
 am I to argue with a boy on his birthday?

Let the fun begin...

Somehow when Brody moved this gear stick the loader
 thing on the front started moving. Eeek!

I love this picture! Isn't that adorable with the shadows behind each of them?

Up in the combine thingy (have no clue what it is really called but that sounded great!)

I loved how Chloe could fit inside of this wheel. It's the 
wheel on the thing in the picture above. HUGE!

Picture with my birthday boy!!!!

This hat has not left his head except for sleep and a bath
 since he put it on in the John Deere store.

After leaving the tractor store, we went for lunch at Applebee's where Brody got a free ice cream sundae and the staff sang to him. He wasn't too keen on the singing part, but he LOVED his ice cream!

After getting home, it was time for presents. He opened the ones from Chloe and my parents first. The big hit of that batch of gifts was his John Deere weedwacker. He has wacked every weed and then some since opening it. 

What's in the box Brody?!?

After a short rest time, it was time for his big gift from mommy and daddy. This was his big surprise and I think the look on his face says it all...

It's been one day since getting this and he has run the battery
 down 2 times already, rode it through the neighborhood once, 
and allowed Chloe to drive it 2 times around our house.
 And there may be a track of flat grass around 
our house because he has probably driven it around 
the house at least 1000 times.

Next, it was time for cake, dinner, and the last batch of gifts.


THREE candles! I can't believe he is so grown now!

And finally, after the festivities were done, this is how
 I found him (notice his hat is just behind his head). Goodnight
sweet boy. Love you to the moon and back!

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