Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wish...

I wish:
** that the 90 degree days would go away! I'm tired of sweating to death 24/7.
** that our Parent's Day Out started when all the others did and NOT wait til after Labor Day
** that I didn't have lymphedema
** that I loved kale since it is such an amazingly healthy green
** that my dog would just calm down...he's 6.5 years old!!!
** for my kids to always love going to church...specifically AWANA! They absolutely get giddy when it's time to go to AWANA every Wednesday night
** that the 3 year old attitude had not hit Brody
** for a cure for all cancers
** for my friends who are hurting to have healed and happy hearts
** for another baby one day
** for no more hot flashes!
** to be used by God to help further His Kingdom in a big ol' way
** for uninterrupted sleep at night (aka - KIDS, STAY IN YOUR OWN BEDS!)
** for safe travels for David and the mission team as they leave for Ethiopia in just 4 days, and that many many lives would be changed for Christ!!!!!! (I have high hopes for this one)

So, do your own post and tell me what you wish...can't wait to read them!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday for Brody...part 2

Here are some pictures to highlight Brody's third birthday. It was literally the best birthday that we have done to date. No stress, no party, only the 4 of us, and it was perfect!
As I said in my letter in the previous post, Brody is obsessed with tractors so we started the day off by taking him to the John Deere store. We were able to let him climb on, pretend drive, and touch every single thing he wanted to. He was in heaven! I think we stayed there over an hour!

So this was his birthday shirt...however, it only stayed on long enough for
 this picture. He insisted on wearing Captain America and who
 am I to argue with a boy on his birthday?

Let the fun begin...

Somehow when Brody moved this gear stick the loader
 thing on the front started moving. Eeek!

I love this picture! Isn't that adorable with the shadows behind each of them?

Up in the combine thingy (have no clue what it is really called but that sounded great!)

I loved how Chloe could fit inside of this wheel. It's the 
wheel on the thing in the picture above. HUGE!

Picture with my birthday boy!!!!

This hat has not left his head except for sleep and a bath
 since he put it on in the John Deere store.

After leaving the tractor store, we went for lunch at Applebee's where Brody got a free ice cream sundae and the staff sang to him. He wasn't too keen on the singing part, but he LOVED his ice cream!

After getting home, it was time for presents. He opened the ones from Chloe and my parents first. The big hit of that batch of gifts was his John Deere weedwacker. He has wacked every weed and then some since opening it. 

What's in the box Brody?!?

After a short rest time, it was time for his big gift from mommy and daddy. This was his big surprise and I think the look on his face says it all...

It's been one day since getting this and he has run the battery
 down 2 times already, rode it through the neighborhood once, 
and allowed Chloe to drive it 2 times around our house.
 And there may be a track of flat grass around 
our house because he has probably driven it around 
the house at least 1000 times.

Next, it was time for cake, dinner, and the last batch of gifts.


THREE candles! I can't believe he is so grown now!

And finally, after the festivities were done, this is how
 I found him (notice his hat is just behind his head). Goodnight
sweet boy. Love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Brody,

Happy Birthday to you sweet boy! You are the big THREE years old today which leaves me sitting here shaking my head and wondering just where the past 3 years have gone? I distinctly remember the fear and excitement that I had on this very morning as I was awaiting the scheduled time that I would get to meet you. You were a late morning c-section, but the contractions started and you were telling me that you were not going to hang out much longer...that you had a world to explore and a family to meet.
You have grown and changed so much in the past 3 years. Physically, you went from 20 inches to 39 inches. From 8 pounds to 32 pounds. From a little bit of hair, to bald, to blonde, and now sandy blonde hair. You went from throwing up every single feeding (thank you pyloric stenosis) to chowing down at every single meal and always wanting more. You have had 3 surgeries in your 3 years of life and I pray that that is the end of that road for you. You have gone from wearing only teeny tiny newborn socks to a size 9 shoe. You still are in a 24 month size for shorts (with the waist band adjusted in as much as possible), a 3T pant (because you are SO tall) and again with the waist band as tight as possible. You wear a 2T shirt in most brands but a few 3T fit you perfectly. Your favorite shoes are flip flops and your crocs. And you insist on wearing your hat everywhere we go...even to church. You hate shirts with collars and will pitch a pure fit about wearing them, but boy do you look so handsome in them, and you don't want to wear anything other than "gym shorts."
This year you learned your alphabet, lots of new and fun songs, how to count to 20, all of your colors, how to spell your name, how to potty, and how to live without a passy. You had your first visit to the dentist and finally were able to sit through a whole haircut without crying.  You also finally made the switch to a toddler bed although that was more mommy and daddy's idea. You were perfectly content in your crib and had never even tried to climb out. A few of your favorite things are tractors, lawn mowers, fire trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, Toy Story, Cars, bubbles, swords and guns (I thought I could keep these from you but I have decided that these desires are in a boy's DNA). You also like to play house with your sister though and your baby doll "Donald" is always there with you. You also love your little stuffed doggy and your beanie baby bear that we got for you in Texas. Your favorite cartoons are Wow Wow Wubbzy and Caillou. Your favorite food is a fruit snack (which for future reference isn't really a fruit at all and maybe doesn't even qualify as food). Your favorite color is blue.
As a baby you were certainly laid back, relaxed, and happy all of the time. As you have approached 3 though, you have become more vocal with your wants and opinions. You have  an intense desire to do everything all by yourself and you want everything to be just so. You are certainly passionate about most things in life! I prayed when you were a baby that the Lord would just ignite a fire in you and your sister and that you guys would be crazy in love with Jesus and would change the world for Him. Little did I know that the passion has to start somehow...even if it's being passionate about not wearing a collared shirt to church. HA!

Brody, I love you so much. You make this mommy's heart swell with pride and joy every day. My prayer for you, in this next year of life is that you would have a teachable spirit, that you would soak in more of Jesus, that you would be heatlhy this year, and full of joy.
I love you son!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So this is a BIG week of gratefulness for Team Blevins 4.0
Here's the rundown:

August 17 - celebrate the TWO year date of completing my chemo!!! Cannot believe it's been 2 years already hair is still curly as ever! I was told that the curl would only stay in for 2 years. WOO-HOO!!!
August 18 - Brody turns THREE I cannot believe my baby is already turning 3. Where have the years gone? I could squeeze and kiss his sweet cheeks all day long..and some days I may have done that :)
August 21 - David and I celebrate SEVEN years of marriage! Thank you Lord for protecting our marriage over the past seven years. It's pretty impossible to imagine on your wedding day that you could ever love your spouse more than you do on that very day, but as life takes shape and happens, you find that love either grows or withers. Ours has grown...sometimes with growing pains, but it has grown nonetheless. And for that, I am thankful.

We owe it all to God and give Him all of the glory for growing our family, and providing a way for Team Blevins to run the race in the crazy thing called life.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Photo Session

All I can say is Heather Bro Photography is THE BEST!!!! Great pictures, great pricing, easy to work with, and amazing with the kids. Check out the summer pics of Chloe and Brody (including some with Grammy and parents). And then click on this link Heather Bro Photography and schedule a session immediately! Last year she did our fall pictures at the pumpkin patch and an old barn that had a huge tree with a tire swing by it and they also turned out awesome! Now is the perfect time to start scheduling for a photo shoot in the fall. ok, enough babbling. Enjoy the pix!

Downtown Clarksville


Toss them in...

Happy happy kids

Brody with his Op-Op

Chloe was having a conversation with Op-Op as they strolled through town

So sweet how Brody is hanging onto Op-Op's finger

Love this sweet girl!!!

Brody checking out the Roxy schedule for 2012

Just exploring

Checking out the bird in the tree...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Approximately 7 Inches?

Chloe just got her first true haircut in about a year! We've been just letting her get it trimmed because after seeing Tangled she decided to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel's hair. However, after many days and nights of screaming while I brush tangles out of her hair, and many complaints that Brody won't stop messing with her ponytails, she asked me Saturday if she could get her hair cut short. I jumped on the chance and scheduled an appointment with Laura...the best cosmetologist in Clarksville...just sayin'!!! She has been cutting Chloe's hair for almost 4 years now...and mine and Brody's too. Anyways, here are some pictures of this momentous occasion for Chloe (and me)... THANKS LAURA!!!!!

Back to the stacked bob!

Ignore my camera...I lost my SD card for my great Nikon so I am back to using my small digital until my new card comes tomorrow.

And yep, she has the flip in the back like I did pre-chemo. I have to round brush it to get it to lay flat, but this is right out of the bath and just being combed. 

On another note, I got mine cut again today and when I straightened it tonight, it looks identical to Chloe's! However, I love my curls too much to straighten mine. It took me 32 years plus 16 chemos to get my curly hair. I'm keeping it as long as possible!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Sweet Brody Has Morphed Into...

someone I barely recognize on some days...namely today. He has begun back-talking, telling me "no" at every turn, wanting to do everything himself and taking no help from anyone. He refuses some nights to sleep in pajamas and most nights will not sleep unless he also has on his flip flops and baseball cap. He is so stubborn and hard headed, but I guess he gets some of that from me. It is soooo hard to remember that this is just a stage that we will get through. Got through it once before with Chloe so I know we can survive one more.
It just takes a whole lot more work to discipline and shepherd a child instead of just letting things go or allowing them to get by with it "just this time." There have been times when I have wanted to just sit on my toosh and not move while the kids disobeyed or were ugly to me or acting out.  Seriously it would have been nice to just tune it out and keep my seat (and there have been several times I have been lazy like that). However, I KNOW better than that. I know that doing that repeatedly would end up costing me and them in the long run. I want them to be productive, responsible citizens who are respectful and have integrity and love Jesus on top of all of that.

**update...4 hours after I wrote this post...** I was putting Brody to bed and this is how his prayer went (all of it said with NO prompting from me at all) "Desus, tank you for mommy and daddy and CJ and YMCA and school and tractors and Donald (his little baby doll) and my trains and my bubble lawn mowder. I be good boy morrow. I wuv you Desus. AMEN!"
And that makes a mama's heart smile and makes it worth trying all over again every day. Parenting is quite possibly the hardest job I have ever had but by far the most rewarding!