Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Part Two

So on Friday morning we all slept in until 9:00 (that NEVER has happened), and then hit the breakfast buffet before hitting the huge indoor waterpark. Let me explain just a bit about this indoor park. IT IS HUGE! They have specialized glass walls and ceilings making it feel like you are outside, but somehow the temperature stays 86 degrees in there year round. It was very comfortable in there...especially seeing as how the temps outside were 98-100 every single day we were there. The kids went down the tunnel waterslide at least 100 times each and then went down 2 red slides that bounced into water another 100 times each. They played with all of the ropes, buckets, waterguns, etc... that they could get their hands on. They stood under the HUGE bucket that dumped 750 gallons of water every few minutes and then they would wait for it to do it again. We rode in the lazy river and...discovered that although Brody gets NOTHING else from my side of the family, he does have a TRUE LOVE of lazy rivers and THAT would be from me! I could ride around in those things all day long and so could Brody. You should have seen him all kicked back with his arms behind his head just relaxing! So sweet. While there, we also hit the "hot pool" as Brody called it. My kids loves hot tubs and always want to get in one. So that didn't last too long, but we did it. We also rode the waves in their mock ocean pool. That was awesome. Chloe and Brody both loved going up and down in their floats while riding the waves.
After that excitement came to an end, we rested up and then headed out the the Tanger Shopping Outlets for a few hours of shopping and dinner. While there, we decided that there was still so much we wanted to do that we couldn't leave the next day so David used his Hilton points and got us a free room stay at a different hotel.
The next and final full day there, we went back into Gatlinburg and had breakfast at the famous Pancake Pantry. YUMMO is all I can say! After that we hit a few stores, walked around a bit more and then switched hotels and rested for a while. Then we went out to finish out the trip in true Gatlinburg style...putt putt, go cart racing, and bumper boats. Brody and I won the go cart racing, Chloe and David won in bumper boats (aka  they remained the most dry) and the kids both were way over par on putt putt so we didn't keep up. Brody needs a golf lesson from his OpOp.
Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Clarksville. It was a wonderful vacation that I hope we all talk about for a long time to come.
Oh, and the camera...let's just say I bought a disposable one...took horrible pictures and the CD I got of them so that I could upload them on here doesn't work. Pictures just were not part of the plan.

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6L's said...

love, love, LOVE the pancake pantry! we go there everyday when we are in the area! :) the one in nashville's got nothing on the original! glad y'all had fun. :)