Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation Part One

Well, I am certainly going to regret not using my packing list for vacation this time around. I forgot several things...namely the CAMERA! How does a mom obsessed with taking photos of her family forget the camera? Well, when you are packing for yourself and two kids the morning you are leaving it can happen. Especially if you don't go by the packing list that has never failed you before. Oh well, I am getting a disposable camera tonight to use the rest of our time here.
Yes, you read that right. I am blogging from vacation during a rest break. Since I have no pictures thus far, I wanted to get it all written down so I won't forget anything. I'll start with Wednesday when we left home to come to the Wilderness in the Smokies (Sevierville,TN) near Gatlinburg. We got all the way to Pleasant View (10 miles from home) before Brody started screaming about his shoes. He screamed about them all the way to Joelton (10 miles) and then we threatened to "turn the car around and go right back home." That helped for while. Then in Crossville I made a new aquaintance...State Highway Patrol. He pulled me over for speeding and then asked where I was heading in such a hurry. I wanted to ask him what the right answer was, but decided just to tell him the truth. "Officer, we are heading to vacation and the kids are just being loud and crying and I'm trying to find an exit to stop at." He still asked for all of my information and again, I wanted to ask him "oh, was that not the right answer? Am I still getting a ticket?" Instead, I apologized and told him I knew better. He confirmed that by handing me a $200 speeding ticket. Thanks officer...thanks. Great way to begin vacay!
We got to the resort a few hours later, settled in, and headed to the water park onsite. It was just OK. We were tired, the kids were CRAZY hyper, disobedient, whiny, etc... We didn't stay too long at the park before we came in and went to bed. Everyone at that point needed sleep and attitude adjustments. Thank the Lord that His mercies are new every morning.
So, day 2... we got up and had brunch in town and then headed over the the Ripley's Aquarium. It brought back lots of memories as it's identical to the one in Myrtle Beach that we took Chloe to when I was 8 months pregnant with Brody. It's hard to believe that next month he will be 3 years old. TIME FLIES! We all enjoyed the aquarium! Brody loved the sharks, and the little frogs. Chloe loved the sharks, frogs, and seahorses. I loved all of it...except the numerous trips to the potty! Brody wants to try to potty about 60% of the time now and Chloe has a urinary infection so I was back and forth the whole 3 hours we were there. After that, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg for about 3 more hours. David and I have a new nickname for that town. We call it "The Airbrush Capitol of the South." It's true. And yes, we are so getting some airbrushed t-shirts! Every where you look there are air-brush shops and confederate flag bikinis. Geesh. Anyways, we didn't get back to the resort until about 7:00 that night so there was no waterpark...just dinner and bed. And believe it or not David and I were both awake before either child was the next morning!!! That hasn't happened in 4.5 years.
On to part 2 of vacation in a few days...with pictures that will be taken by a cheap disposable camera cause this mama forgot the good one. Oh well, at least I remembered the children and swimsuits.

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6L's said...

oh kelly, how i hate to hear that about the speeding ticket! so been there!