Friday, July 1, 2011

Kinda Heartbreaking

I thought we were nearly over the chemo and cancer comments around here...Chloe has been living it for 2 years and has grown accustomed to hearing the terms, and asking questions (and hard ones at that). We have always been open with her and have been told by counselors to always answer her questions as openly and honestly as possible.
So the latest question/conversation was this:
"Mommy, I am NOT having a baby ever."
"Oh, that's okay. Not everyone has a baby."
"Well mommy, I am not going to have a baby because after you have one you get cancer and have chemo"
(uhhh, wow! not expecting that) "No Chloe, that's not true"
"You did mommy. When Brody was a tiny baby...when he was zero years old, you got cancer and had chemo. Remember?"
"Well, that is right Chloe, but having a baby does NOT give you cancer. It just happened and I am fine now. Remember my doctor telling you that mommy's cancer is all gone and I am NOT sick?"
"Yeah, I guess I will have a baby one day."

I can't imagine what goes through her head at times to make her think of things like that. I'm just glad she voices those little concerns so that I have an opportunity to speak truth into her.

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