Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July...Part Deux (2)

OK, where did I leave off? Oh, I think we had finally gotten to Atlanta in the previous post. So, we arrived after lunch on Saturday and spent that evening just hanging out with family, catching up with everyone, and letting the kids go crazy with Gramom and Grandaddy and Granny (D's grandmother). We settled in pretty quickly and then after dinner the first night we watched a firework spectacular presented by David. Afterwards, the kids were tired so sleeping arrangements were settled. Brody would sleep with David and Chloe would sleep with me. Probably sounds a little crazy, but they are not ready to sleep alone at Gramom's house yet (especially with us there) so this makes them comfortable and us, I mean it makes us feel better knowing they are sleeping soundly.

Anyways, on Sunday we hung out, watched the Casey Anthony trial (which totally sickens me to no end), and relaxed. The kids went to the park for a bit to play and we did more fireworks that night.
On Monday, we headed to downtown Marietta, called The Square, and watched a great parade! We got there early enough to have front row seats at a prime location (thank you Grandad!) and had a HOT blast (it was 90 some degrees). After that, we had lunch downtown and then walked around and checked out all of the vendor booths, had a fried banana pudding (God's gift to me I am sure), and sweated to death. It was the most ridiculous heat ever! In the afternoon we left to go home and get rest before the firework show that was to come later at The Square. However, rain came and they cancelled the show. It was good though as we were all worn out from the day.

Getting ready to go celebrate

one thing I love about these 2 is that they literally can just look 
at each other and crack up laughing

ready for the parade to start

sweet pretty girl of mine

i just thought this would be a cool I love the headband

Mr Patriotic himself!

Brody had 3-4 firemen come up to him during the parade and give him hi-5
He loves all things firetruck, tractor, and dumptruck/bulldozer related

I just had to take their picture. The Pink Suitcase Sisters! These ladies of 
all ages travel the US and world together. And...they all have pink suitcases!
Google them and check out the places they have been!

These are the lawn chair dudes. A group of neighborhood dads who
put together this routine for the parade. It was hysterical.

David enjoying his boiled peanuts on The Square

And Brody being Brody...crossing the lines when he is not supposed to.

Tuesday came and we were supposed to head back home, but we decided to stay for one last day. Gramom was kind enough to watch the kids for us and we had a date day. We went to tour the new Coke Museum, which was fantabulous! Then we went to the hotspot The Varsity for the famous hotdogs (wha' ya' have? wha' ya' have?). You better know what you want when you approach the counter as they don't play! If you have never been and know nothing about it, google it and see what all the hype is about. Tons of famous people go every year. It's awesome! After that, we headed to IKEA...also known as "Heaven On Earth." I could have spent all day and all night in there. When we build our new house you better believe that IKEA will be a place we get lots of our stuff. Whew!


If Chick-fil-A doesn't work out...well then, there's always the Varsity

New and improved Coke Museum

Check out Japan's bottle...all blinged out!

I love this original label of Coke. It's referred to as Brain Tonic...the cure
for headache and exhaustion.

David studying all of the profits/losses in the first years of Coke

Check out these Coke coolers. Wouldn't Pawn Stars or American Pickers
love to own these things!

And finally, this is the coolest alligator made out of coke cans. There
 was a whole display of things that were made with Coke products.

And finally, on Wednesday, we packed up and hit the road back to Clarksville. After a full and fun 5 days we had to get back to get the dog...and hopefully/prayerfully my car this week!!!! Thanks Gramom and Grandad and Granny for allowing us to come and invade your home, make a huge mess, and eat your food, oh yeah, and partake of your babysitting services!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Looks like you had a fun fourth. I loved the kids outfits. The Varsity?! OH wow- we saw that on the food network. Sweet!